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The sales box of the TI-1006 sold in Europe around 1982.
This box of this TI-1006 states "BATTERY FREE" instead
of the later "LIGHT POWERED" description.

Later boxes of the TI-1006 showed smaller solar cells 
 and stated "LIGHT POWERED" on the calculator.

This TI-1006 was manufactured in October 1982 
by Texas Instruments in Japan (month 10 year 1982).

The internal construction of the TI-1006 manufactured in
1982 looks very familiar to us.

The printed circuit board (PCB) of the TI-1006. The Toshiba 
brand is etched in the PCB left from the calculator chip.

The TI-1006 and TI-1706 side by side.
Please notice the different size and spacing of the keys.

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