Texas Instruments TI-1786

Date of introduction:  1985 Display technology:  LCD
New price:  $8.00 (SRP 1988) Display size:  8
Size:  2.1" x 3.4" x 0.12"
 54 x 86 x 3 mm3
Weight:  0.9 ounces, 28 grams Serial No:  
Batteries:  n.a. Date of manufacture:  mth 06 year 1986
AC-Adapter:   Origin of manufacture:  Taiwan (I)
Precision:  8 Integrated circuits:  
Memories:  1    
Program steps:   Courtesy of:  Joerg Woerner
Download leaflet:   (US: 0.7 MByte) Download manual:   (US: 1.7 MByte)

The TI-1786, introduced together with 4 other members of the TI CARD family (TI-1783, TI-1784, TI-1785 and TI-1787), weights less than 1 ounce. It followed the TI-1780 calculator introduced about one year earlier. Don't miss the colorful TI-1786 sold in Brazil by Mesbla.

TI-1786_1.jpg (20760 Byte)The TI-1786 was even used as a promotional product, compare the backside of a standard TI-1786 and an ESSO branded calculator.

Does this TI-1786 look familiar to you? Please compare it with the Technico F-1 ExecuCard calculator manufactured by Inventa Electronics Corporation of Taiwan.

A traditional sized calculator with similar dimensions was introduced with the TI-1606. A cheaper looking successor of the TI-1786 could be found with the TI-307.

Ten years later Texas Instruments sold with the TI-307+ still calculators with the size of a credit card. 

Don't miss the Casio FIML CARD SL-800, a real credit card sized calculator with a thickness of only 0.030".

The TI CARD is featured in the Texas Instruments Incorporated bulletin CL-856 dated 1985.


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