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There are a rising number of calculator collectors on our lovely planet and most of them own some TI calculators. The following list of known TI-collectors is maintained monthly. If you find some missing links or suggest some changes or additions please email:   

Alex Knight
Alex prefers electronic desktop calculators but you'll find a lot of pictures and articles of both Texas Instruments calculators and TI built ones.

Andreas Tabak
Andreas Tabak maintains in Germany the wonderful TCOCD (The Collection of Calculating Devices) museum covering not only electronic pocket calculators but also slide rules, home computers and even integrated circuits. If you follow the "TI-Path" you'll discover a wonderful collection including the rare TI-18 SLR or TI-38.

Bill Wood
Don't get lost in Bill's Electronic Jungle ! If you survive you'll find a nice collection of nearly 300 electronic calculators from the 70th.
Unfortunately the original website is down and a replaced by a far less complete one...

Brian Greqory 
Brian lives in Berkshire, Great Britain and opened for us his Texas Instruments Voyage 200 calculator.

Bruce Rogers 
Actually a collector of HP calculators he knows the importance of TI in calculator history.

Dan Veeneman
Dan just started to collect calculators but you'll find the wonderful Cessna Sky/Comp based on a simple TI-35 calculator.

Daniel Sancho
Daniel is teaching computer technology in Malaga, Spain. His wonderful pictured museum shows a lot of desktop and pocket-sized calculators from the early Canon Pocketronic to the latest Texas Instruments graphing calculators.

Dejan Ristanovic
This wonderful webpage found the TI-59 to be the best programmable calculator in the world and it shows

Didier Luthi
Didier maintains the wonderful Swiss Personal Museum of 80's Computers but you'll notice some 50 calculators on his site. 

Emil Dudek
Emil maintains a great site featuring Vintage Technology from the twentieth century. His extensive calculator area covers more than 480 models from the 1970s including some rare UK brands. 

Elmer Torensma
Large collection of vintage calculators, organizers and pocket computers. The site aims to describe and provide specifications and images for many calculators and pocket computing devices.

Ernst Mulder
From the very first day he held a calculator he had been intrigued by them. His favorites are the vintage ones but he collects them all.

Frank Boehm
Frank maintains a huge photo library of electronic calculators. You'll find more than 1000 pictures including some technical data.

Gene Wright
Gene collects both HP and TI calculators. Dive into his webpage and you'll dig out a lot of useful information.

Gerhard Wenzel
Gerhard collects everything related to calculating. Beside Napier bones, Abacuses and Slide rules you'll find a huge archive of roughly 1500 electronic pocket calculators.

Guy Ball
Guy wrote together with co-author Bruce Flamm the well known book "Collector's Guide to Pocket Calculators" and maintains the organization "International Calculator Collector".
Unfortunately the website is down but fellow collector Nigel Tout moved it to his site.

James Redin
Dive into the James world of X-Numbers and discover an album of electronic calculators, new ideas of calculating, a lot of articles and a well visited forum on vintage calculators.

Jean-Francois Laroche
Jean-Francois operates "The pocket computer museum". You'll find a lot of pocket machines of the 80's, all programmable in BASIC language.

Jose Proenca
A webpage about the TI-59 'a mais famosa calculadora do mundo' (yes, it is a Portuguesian page, from Azores), and the TI-59C emulator that gives immortality to TI-59.

Laurent Bonnin
Laurent maintains a nice collection of programs for the TI Programmable 57 introduced in 1977.

Mark Bollman
Mark is a visiting instructor of mathematics at Albion College and a Ph.D. candidate in mathematics at Central Michigan University. He started collecting calculators few years ago. He owns some rare TI calculators.

Mr. Martin
Mr. Martin teaches seventh and eighth grade math and computers in grades K-8 at Stella Maris Academy. He maintains a wonderful collection with over 140 calculators. 

Masaki Takada
Masaki owns an extremely rare engineering sample of the clear SR-50. You'll notice a lot of other collectibles on his wonderful site like the Language Translator.

Malcolm Talley
Malcolm just started collecting calculators and in fascinated with the early ones produced in the early seventies.  
Unfortunately the website is down currently (July 2003).

Michel Zwawiak
Michel - most collectors known from his eBay nickname 2004michelz - maintains a wonderful collection of Texas Instruments products.

Mike Sebastian
Mike is doing a very important job for us calculator collectors, he archives technical data of the components used inside the machines. 

Nance L. Briscoe
Nance runs the
History of Integrated Circuit Technology of the National Museum of American History. You'll find a lot of very useful information and a growing number of pictures of early developments from TI.

Nigel Tout
Nigel collects mainly British calculators like Anita and Sinclair but you'll find here an unbelievable version of the TI-58 calculator made for the Harrier aircraft. 

Peter Muckermann († April 21, 2021)
The wonderful collection of Peter covers today 2300 calculators from the 70th up to 1982. You'll find a lot of TI's and TI-build's like Radio Shack, Montgomery Ward and Privileg.

Philippe Leckler
French collector Philippe started with My Calculator Database a powerful website featuring 1000's of calculators and their specifications.

Piero Todorovich
Italian journalist Piero started his wonderful calculator collection early in 2002. You'll find not only some important TI's like the Datamath and TI-20, but even related products manufactured by Canon and Toshiba.

Rick Bensene
Find a huge collection of really old electronic and electro-mechanical calculators. Searching for inside pictures of a Texas Instruments SR-60 ? No problem, here you'll find them.

Rick Furr
Rick maintains the Calculator Reference to cover HP, TI and Curtas. A lot of information inside the DATAMATH CALCULATOR MUSEUM is based on his articles.

Rohit Menon
Rohit lives in Chennai, India and started some years ago an amazing collection of the wonderful educational toys manufactured by Texas Instruments. He recently added some rare TI calculators to his collection. 

Rolf Jonker
Rolf just started to share his wonderful collection with us. You'll find a lot of interesting calculators from the early years.
Unfortunately the website is down currently (July 2003).

Russ Khederian
Russ bought already in 1975 his first calculator, the TI-5050 Thermal Printing Calculator after dreaming some years about a Bowmar 901B. His wonderful pictured museum is influenced from these products, you'll notice dozens of rare Klixon™ calculators including the TI-150, most palm sized printers and some unusual Texas Instruments calculators.

Serge Devidts
Serge collects the whole bandwidth of electronic calculators, you'll find a lot of products from Texas Instruments with lovely pictures.

Shinichiro Osaki
Shinichiro maintains the beautiful Pocket Calculator Museum in Japan. You'll find a lot of information about earlier calculators manufactured in Japan. 

Sipke de Wal
Searching for the schematic diagrams of your TI-58 or TI-59 ? Sipke put them together with the block diagrams of the calculator to the web.
Unfortunately the website is down, Sipke died in May 13, 2004. Our thoughts are with him and his family.

Stefan Klaes
Stefan collects not only the early TI calculators, but also the newest 4-bangers with LC-display and even the Databank products.
He donated a lot of pictures to the DATAMATH CALCULATOR MUSEUM.

Viktor T. Toth
Concentrating on programmable calculators. You'll find here a lot of pictures and datasheets. Includes a complete list of all known programmables.

Volker Reher
Volker's intention is not to collect as many calculators as possible but to gather as much information as available about the BASIC and Professional Calculators CC-40, TI-74 and TI-95. His site includes scans of user guides, programming guides and detailed pictures.


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