Additional Pictures 


The front of the LP3000 sports the TI logo and
the Deskmath nickname in a gold trim.

The first version of the TI-3000 calculator with the 
Deskmath name and the odd LP3000 designation.

The most obvious difference between the Deskmath LP3000 (left) and the later
TI-3000 (right) is the number of visible screws on the back of the calculators.  


Even the top part of the housing gives some modifications for both cost reduction
(missing inserts) and enhanced design (rounded edges). 

The printed circuit board (PCB) of the Deskmath LP3000 looks different to the later
TI-3000. Please notice the Panaplex II display sporting only 8 digits but 3 signs.

The printed circuit board (PCB) of the TI-3000 with a different orientation of the
TMS0109 single-chip calculator circuit and a Panaplex II display with 9 digits. 


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