Additional Pictures 


A very early sketch of the Advanced Language Calculator (ALC). Scan courtesy of Jon Guidry,

The original flyer of the Compact Computer 40 shows the first generation cartridge port.

The bottom shell of this CC-40 Prototype with 2k Bytes RAM was manufactured in September 1982 by Texas Instruments in Abilene, TX (Date code ATA 3982 wk 39 yr 1982.

The CC-40 Prototype with 2k Bytes RAM dismantled with the Main Printed Circuit Board (CPB).

The TMX70C20 8-bit microcontroller of the CC-40 Prototype.

The AMI 1041036 ASIC.

The Hitachi HN61256 ROM with 32k Bytes capacity.

The Hitachi HM6116 RAM with 2k Bytes capacity.

The Cartridge Port with three connector rows of 20 contacts, each.

One of the two empty sockets to accommodate additional RAM.

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