Additional Pictures 


The backside of the TI-Nspire prototype with the 
serial number A-P3-DVT2.0-0003.


The internal construction of the TI-Nspire prototype is close to the final release.
The printed circuit board (PCB) of the display was manufactured around February 2007.

The frontside of the PCB's reveal the construction of the 240 * 320 pixel gray-scale
LC-Display and the ARM9 based 32-bit RISC processor.  

The brain of the TI-Nspire is actually a System-on-Chip based on the ZEVIO architecture from LSI Logic.
We assume that the 208 pin housing hosts a 90 MHz ARM9 32-bit RISC processor. 

The TI-Nspire uses three different memory chips, a 256k*16 NOR Flash-ROM, 32M Bytes NAND Flash-ROM,
and 16M*16 SDRAM. The clock frequency of the SoC is 27 MHz.

he 320 * 240 pixel gray-scale LC-Display needs a total of three drivers. 
We located this Novatek NT7702 row-driver and two unidentified column-drivers.

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