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 The backside of this rare PLT FHH1 Engineering Sample covers the important label with its foldable stand. 

Removing the stand gives some important information: Model No: PLT - FHH1, 2002, Made in Taiwan. 
Please notice the hidden slot for the memory card under the removed battery.

Disassembling the PLT FHH1 is pretty simple due to solid connectors and some screws.
Please notice the additional PCB for an additional, serial memory card near the battery contacts.

The internal construction of this Graphing calculator is dominated by the huge LCD screen.

The display module makes use of five integrated display drivers for the rows resp. columns.

The row and column drivers of the PLT FHH1 were manufactured by Sharp, Japan.

The front-side of the Main-PCB (printed circuit board) with four major Integrated Circuits:
Texas Instruments POMAP1509E:  Dual-core processor
Hynix HY57V281620A:  8M * 16bits  CMOS SDRAM
Fujitsu 29LV400TC:  256k * 16bits CMOS FLASH-ROM
Toshiba TC58128A:  16M * 8bits CMOS NAND EEPROM

ZOOM - Level 1: Major Integrated Circuits.

ZOOM - Level 2: Texas Instruments POMAP1509E.

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