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The backside of the PLT VIEW gives some important information: View PET. 
Please notice the reference to the OMAPô Technology.

The Main-PCB (printed circuit board) with five major Integrated Circuits:
Texas Instruments OMAP5910:  Dual-core processor
Hynix HY57V281620A:  8M * 16bits  CMOS SDRAM
Fujitsu 29LV400TC:  256k * 16bits CMOS FLASH-ROM
Toshiba TC58128A:  16M * 8bits CMOS NAND EEPROM
Unidentified Quad Flatpack chip

The backside of the PCB sports just some spare parts and 
the connector for the PLT WC Wireless Card.

ZOOM - Level 2: Texas Instruments OMAP5910.

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