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 The backside of this rare Engineering Sample gives some important information:
Model No: PLT - WS1, 2002, Made in Taiwan. 

The PLT WS1 connects with a wireless LAN to the outside world.

The inside view of the PLT WS1 reveals important connectors:
USB1.1, Wireless LAN, Li-ion battery, serial interface, external charger, cradle charger, and PLT SHH1 calculator. 

The wireless LAN module contains a two-sided printed circuit board (PCB) with
an ATMEL AT76C505/567B1 ARM7TDMI based Media Access Controller and the 
RF Micro Devices 2948 2.4GHz Spread-Spectrum Transceiver.

The backside of the PCB sports an Alliance AS7C31024 SRAM memory with 
128k Byte SRAM capacity, a Silicon Laboratories SH4126 Dual-band 
RF synthesizer, and some supporting components.

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