Additional Pictures 


This TI-73 Explorer with the date code S-0303D was manufactured by Inventec in China in March 2003.

The printed circuit boards (PCBs) of a TI-73 Explorer manufactured in April 2004 looks very familiar to us.
They are obviously borrowed from the TI-83 Plus (Hint: Silk screen at the bottom of the Main-PCB)

The main components of the TI-73 Explorer: Zilog Z84C0008 CPU
Fujitsu 29F400 Flash ROM and Hynix HY62WT081 RAM.

The TI-83 Plus ASIC TI REF9815455 in a standard flatpack housing. 

The display driver Toshiba T6A04A of the TI-73 Explorer manufactured in April 2004.

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