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The sales box of a TI-82 Advanced Graphing calculator sold in 2017 in France.

The menu of the TI-82 Advanced.

This TI-82 Advanced Graphing calculator was manufactured in July 2017 by 
Kinpo Electronics, Inc. in the Philippines (Date code L-0717A mth 07 yr 2017).

The TI-82 Advanced Graphing calculator is powered by four AAA-sized cells and a LR44 backup battery.

The printed circuit board (PCB) of the TI-82 Advanced looks very familiar to us and sports a SG82F designation.

The small LED with attached light pipe of the TI-82 Advanced.

The TI-82 Advanced manufactured in July 2017 with the tiny "TI-REF 84PLCR/TA1" ASIC.

The Flash-ROM of the TI-82 Advanced manufactured in July 2017 with a capacity of 1M Bytes. 

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