Additional Pictures 


This TI-83 Plus S.E. VSC calculator was manufactured in August 2002 by
Inventec Corporation in Taiwan (Date code I-0802 mth 08 yr 2002).
It uses a redesigned bottom shell of the housing to accommodate the ViewScreen connector.

A small, carefully shielded PCB (printed circuit board) hosts some drivers between
the ViewScreen connector and the flexible cable reaching to the display PCB.

The main PCB of the TI-83 Plus S.E. VSC is identical with the TI-83 Plus S.E. but
we notice the additional connector on the display PCB for the ViewScreen.

The PCB of this TI-83 Plus S.E. VSC manufactured in August 2002 utilizes two huge memories: The S-RAM
Cypress CY62128 stores 128k Byte Data and the Flash-ROM Fujitsu 29LV160 holds up to 2M Byte Program.

The display driver Toshiba T6K04 of the TI-83 Plus S.E. VSC manufactured Summer 2002.

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