Additional Pictures 


This second generation TI-85 VSC with the Date code I-0395G was manufactured by
Inventec in Taiwan in March 1995 (Date code I-0395 mth 03 yr 1995). 

The PCB (printed circuit board) of this second generation TI-85 VSC manufactured  
in March 1995 looks very similar to the first TI-81 introduced in 1990.

This TI-85 VSC with Date code I-0895I manufactured  in August 1995 still shows the red blue wire.

The piggy-back PCB with just one additional driver circuits and a connector for the external ViewScreen.


The main components of the second generation TI-85 VSC: Toshiba T6A43 Application Specific CPU,
Sharp LH5311993 ROM and Suwa Seikosha SRM20256 RAM. 

This second generation TI-85 VSC Graphing calculator makes use of three display drivers :
Two T6A39 column drivers and one T6A40 row driver.

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