Additional Pictures 


The stylish TI-89 (left) introduced in 2003 on the European market 
side by side with the original TI-89 (right) design.

The screen of the TI-89 with a fine resolution of 160*100 pixels.

This TI-89 with the Date code S-0603 was manufactured
by Inventec in China in June 2003.

The printed circuit board (PCB) of the European TI-89
is identical with the second US design. (V 2.00)

ZOOM-Images of both the Motorola MC68SEC000 microprocessor and the TI-REF 200C040 ASIC.


ZOOM-Images of the Sharp LH28F160 1M*16 Flash-ROM

The display drivers of the TI-89  were obviously manufactured by Sharp, Japan.

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