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The Commodore Minuteman 1 (MM.1) next to the C110 based on the Bowmar 901B.

At first glance you'll notice the origin of the Commodore MM.1:
Santa Clara, California.

This side-view of the MM.1 gives you a first impression of the huge Minuteman I.

Both halves of the calculator can be easily separated. 
Everything feels solid and heavy with the Minuteman 1.

Dismantling the Commodore MM.1 reveals a big surprise:
The printed circuit board (PCB) is identical with the Bowmar 901C
calculator (right) and carries even the PM901-400/E designation.

The dismantled Commodore MM.1 (left) side by side with the Bowmar 901C.
 Both are equipped with an original Klixon™ keyboard but only one with 
the Bowmar Optostic LED display. Please notice the different switches.

The power supply of the Commodore Minuteman 1 is identical to the power supply of the C110.

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