Additional Pictures 


The user interface of the Compucorp 325 Scientist with a well layouted keyboard, 
a 16-digit Panaplex display and the big drum printer. 

Dismantling  the Compucorp 325 Scientist reveals a lot of electronics built around the printer. 
The power supply is located left hand and the "brain" right hand. The keyboard is already removed.

Further disassemby the Compucorp 325 Scientist.

Assembly of the Compucorp 325 Scientist starts with a metal frame, power filter and the power supply.
Both the bus-connectors for the printed circuit boards (PCB's) and the drum printer attach to the plastic housing. 

The big drum printer of the Compucorp 325 Scientist. 

The printer in action.


The printer Model-102 manufactured in Japan.


The keyboard of the Compucorp 325 Scientist.

There a lot of options for additional contacts and switches provided. 

The PanaplexTM display of the Compucorp 325 Scientist.

The biggest PCB performing keyboard and display scanning. This PCB is mounted below the keyboard.

The first PCB in the stack drives the drum printer.

The second PCB in the stack assembles the calculator brain.

The third PCB in the stack with the Program ROM.

The fourth PCB in the stack with the Data RAM.

An additional PCB holds the power supply of the Compucorp 325 Scientist.

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