Additional Pictures 


The boxy design of the Sanyo ICC-82D.

The dismantled ICC-82D reveals a huge printed circuit board (PCB) with the calculator brain,
display drivers and Nixie tubes; a hand-wired keyboard assembly and a sealed battery pack.

The display of the original ICC-82D (upper row) side-by-side
with the second version of the ICC-82D.

Detail of one
Nixie tube.

The calculator brain with four Sanyo chips (manufactured under license of General Instruments Corp.)
and the discrete display drivers.
Please notice the different date codes of the 4 chips: 
The LM8001, LM8002, and LM8003 were manufactured mid of 1970, the LM8004 mid of 1971. 
The backside of the PCB gives an easy explanation: It was replaced end of 1971.

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