Additional Pictures 


The BA II PLUS Professional financial calculator in its package

The display of the BA II PLUS Professional gives a perfect contrast and high readability.

The upper shell of the housing is covered with a wonderful
keyplate made of brushed aluminum. Parts of the plate
are polished and give a silver design.

The keyboard uses injection molded caps instead the
usual rubber parts. Unfortunately they are only printed -
the SR-50 made use of double-shot injection molding.

The backside the calculator sports a sliding battery
cover and hides the 4 screws under rubber pads.

Inside the BA II PLUS Professional we noticed two 
metal plates, they give the calculator a strong weight.

This keyboard of the calculator is composed once
again with small snap-action discs similar to the
Klixon style construction of the SR-50. 

This printed circuit board (PCB) of the BA II PLUS
Professional with just a single-chip calculator circuit.

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