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This SR-51A (Version 1) was manufactured in November 1975 by
Texas Instruments in Dallas, Texas (Date code 4675 DTA wk 46 yr 1975).

The battery compartment of the SR-51A.

The Main printed circuit board (PCB) of the SR-51A calculator is centered around the
TMC0501 and TMC0522/0523 chips supported by many discrete components.

The rear side of the SR-51A PCB with the Display Module and Keyboard assembly.

Close-up view of the TMC0501 Arithmetic Chip.

Close-up view of the TMC0522/TMC0523 Scanning and Read-Only Memory Chips.

Close-up view of the TMC0522/TMC0523 SCOM Chips from another SR-51.

Close-up view of the SN96239 Clock Generator Chip.

Close-up view of the TP4011A Clock Driver Chip.

Close-up view of one of the two SN27882 Display Driver Chips.

Close-up of the 14-digit DIS234G LED Display with magnifying lens.

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