Texas Instruments Voyager

Date of introduction:  1988 Display technology:  
New price:   Display size:  
Weight:  10 ounces Serial No:  
Batteries:  4*AAA cells Date of manufacture:  wk 39 year 1988
AC-Adapter:   Origin of manufacture:  USA
Precision:   Integrated circuits:  TSP50C41 (CMM41014),
 TSP60C19 (CMM19005)
 Modules: TSP60C21
Program steps:   Courtesy of:  Joerg Woerner
    Download manual:   (US: 4.5M Bytes)

Texas Instruments introduced with the Voyager a novel educational toy that lacks the position sensitive keyboard of products like the Touch & Tell. Instead of the traditional keyboard a microphone is used to control the game. The speech recognition detects simple words like "yes", "no", "true" or "false" as an input to the game.

The Voyager game uses exchangeable speech ROMs in an expansion port. This gives you access to other stories than the provided.

Voyager_PCB1.jpg (201308 Byte)Voyager_PCB.jpg (309029 Byte)Dismantling the featured Voyager manufactured in September 1988 by Texas Instruments in the United States for Stefan in Germany reveals an internal construction based on a TSP50C41 single-chip speech synthesizer and an external speech memory TSP60C019 to store the voices of the game. The speaker and microphone of the "headset" are connected with a flexible printed circuit board (Flex-PCB).

The Main-PCB of the Voyager uses three Integrated Circuits:

TSP50C41/CSM41014: TSP50C50 VSP (Voice Synthesis Processor) with 8-bit microcontroller and 8k Bytes Mask ROM for both program and voice and 128 Bytes + 16 Nibbles RAM
TSP60C19/CMM19005: VSM (Voice Synthesis Memory) with 256k Bits
TLC274: Quad Operational Amplifiers in CMOS Technology

Hi, my name is Stefan and I was not manufactured in Dallas, Texas. I was born wk 29 year 1994 in Filderstadt, Germany, about six years after my favorite toy was introduced. Update: Since July 2006 I'm living in Upstate New York, much closer to Texas.

Eight different Voyager Cartridge are known:

Name Color Module Description Booklets Download
Journey to 
Exotic Animals
Green Voyager_Module_EA.jpg (97725 Byte) Exotic Land Animals and Water Animals (US: 4.2M Bytes)
(US: 4.0M Bytes)
Journey to
Birds & Reptiles
Voyager_Module_BR.jpg (98843 Byte) Birds and Reptiles (US: 3.7M Bytes)
(US: 4.1M Bytes)
Journey to 
Human Anatomy
Pumpkin Orange Voyager_Module_HA.jpg (93773 Byte) Human Anatomy: Eating & Breathing and Moving & Sensing (US: 3.1M Bytes)
(US: 2.9M Bytes)
Journey to Language Arts Red Voyager_Module_LA.jpg (93679 Byte) The Language Arts (US: 7.3M Bytes)
Journey to 
The Prehistoric World
Blue Voyager_Module_PW.jpg (107433 Byte) Prehistoric Animals and Dinosaurs (US: 4.2M Bytes)
(US: 4.3M Bytes)
Journey into 
Reddish Purple Voyager_Module_SP.jpg (86874 Byte) Things in Space and The Planets  (US: 4.8M Bytes)
(US: 4.7M Bytes)
Journey across 
The United States
Bluish Purple Voyager_Module_US.jpg (87891 Byte) The Western and Eastern United States (US: 4.9M Bytes)
(US: 4.6M Bytes)
Journey to 
U.S. Presidents
Gray Voyager_Module_PR.jpg (72442 Byte) United States Presidents Before and After the Civil War (US: 4.2M Bytes)
(US: 4.2M Bytes)


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