Additional Pictures 


Mayim Bialik promotes the TI-Nspire CX.

Some TI calculators from the 2012 line.

The new Nspire CX and Nspire CAS CX with the Wireless Network Adaptor.

The Datamath Calculator Museum booth on the 2012 T3 Conference in Chicago.

Canon Pocketronic, Bowmar 901B and the TI-2500, TI-3000, TI-3500 trio.

The Seventies from the SR-10 to the Little Professor.

Speak & Spell family and the TI Programmable 59 on the PC-100C.

The Eighties and Graphing calculators.

The Nineties and the Online Museum.

Mayim visits the Datamath Calculator Museum.

Our autographed TI-81.

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