December 22, 2016: Texas Instruments TL-30 Galaxy calculator

Hi John

Found your details on the web after googling my Texas instruments Not sure if you are interested but:-

Now had it over 30 years. Used fairly regularly, still sits on my desk fully functional and interestingly still on the original battery!



NNovember 18, 2016: I have a TI 1100 II calculator

If your still out there Joe...

I just changed my battery this month (November 2016) for the first time that I can remember, since purchasing it back in the day.

Daniel (73 yrs old)


September 21, 2015: Texas SC-10p class="style4"> Hello, Joerg,

I have just acquired one of these machines, and I have an information concerning the batteries.

It uses 2 x LR-43 type as indicated in the back cover.
I tried to insert 2 x LR-44,but it is impossible as it doesn't fit.

Your site is great, with a lot of information. Thank you for sharing.

You may like to correct the battery type information on your model information here: http://www.datamath.org/Sci/Modern/SC-10.htm

Best Regards,



August 8, 2015: Programmer

Hi Jörg,

Ich hab einen sehr alten Programmer (LTA4877) mit dem Za0675 chip. Vielleicht ist das noch interessant für deine ic Liste.

Danke für die informative Seite.

Ich betreibe den nun aber mit einem 9v-Block. Im standby verbraucht der nur 19 Mikro Ampere - das reicht für 7 Jahre. Benutzt wird er ja immer nur kurz. Mir gefällt der "Bildschirmschoner" )




August 4, 2015: TI-78p class="style4"> Joerg,

Good news, the TI-78 works!

Had to use power supply as the BP-78 is missing. Might you have one? Serial number is 2000479B



June 22, 2015: TI 58C

Trying to fire up my old calculator for both museum and practical purposes, thank you for a great online resource!

Best wishes,


Montreal, Canada


June 1, 2015: CANON LE-10p class="style4"> Great web site.

I was a Canon USA Dealer then and received my first LE-10 for demo in late 1971.

As I recall and my records seem to substantiate, the Canon suggested retail price was to be $395.00, which was later reduced to $295.00 by Canon. I still have my first one and it works as good today as it did the day I got it. The first ones came with only the 4 AA battery holders. The rechargeable battery and charger was not available right away in the US.



E. T.


May 31, 2015: Texas Instruments TI-30 III


Came across your website when trying to work out when I bought my Texas Instruments TI-30 III. Great site.

My wife doesn't believe me but the battery is original and it still works. This calculator got me through school, sixth form and then university followed by two post graduate exams a few years ago.

Best wishes

Jon M



May 26, 2015: TI-55 II

Hi Joerg,

I was looking for information on my TI-55 II and found your awesome website!

I thought that I would share some info and a couple pictures of the TI-55 II that I recently bought on Ebay. I just bought it for fun, since I had one of these calculators in the 80's and loved it - until I spilled a can of Coke on it and the keys became forever sticky. I replaced that one with a 1991 TI-35X, which I've been using since then, but I thought it would be fun to go back to a TI-55 II since I liked the tilted display better.

Anyway, this one from Ebay is marked as a TI-55 II (with no dash) and on the back shows "Assembled in Taiwan" and has a date code of C-0185 and a serial number of 0099748.

Would this be considered "rare" ? I'd love to know anything interesting that you can share about it.

Thanks so much.

PS: I also had a TI-66 before I bought my original TI-55 II but had lots of trouble with the keyboard and finally tossed it.

-- Rick


May 4, 2015: Datamath website


I notice the site is quite old, are you still active with the site?
It's a great site. I joined TI in 1973 as a test equipment design engineer. At that time calculators were part of the Semiconductor Division. I moved to Lubbock, Texas when we opened the manufacturing facility in an old Cooks department store. We then moved to the new large TI plant located North of town.

I designed production test equipment for almost all TI consumer calculators. Whe the consumer products division was formed, Consumer, Business, and Scientific calculators were brought together. Lubbock was the primary manufacturing center for TI consumer products in the US. I left the Consumer Products Division and joined the TI Corporate Engineering Center. Most of my work was still with calculators. I designed the magnetic card writer for mass producing magnetic cards for the TI59. I also designed the production CROM tester. When I was in CEC I designed the software development system used for CROMs. The first time we used it was for the Harrier CROM, which you talked about in your article. I have a good story about that if you are interested.

Thanks for the site, I enjoyed it,



April 18, 2015: TI-2500 Datamath V2 Made In Italy

Hello Jörg,

I´m young Estonian vintage collector and i´ve been visiting your site for some month and i thank you for this fantastic work.

Today i got my own TI-2500 datamath and this thing is super awesome,but i noticed that you don´t have it on your site. It´s Version 2 Datamath,sticker in the backside is similar to Spanish made V2,but it has written "Made In Italy" down below in left.

Or you have it already up in Datamath museum ?

Keep up the good work and sincerely,



April 8, 2015: TI-81 without back-up battery

Dear Mr. Joerg,

I saw your question on the datamath website about Texas Instruments calculators type TI-81 without back-up battery.

I recently got such a calculator and I was surprised to see, that the back-up battery compartiment was closed by a rectangular piece of blue opaque plastic sheet with self-adhesive glue. I carefully removed the plastic sheet and saw the battery-compartiment but without any contact strips. Now I read from your website, that this is normal for certain series.

Here is de ROM version: 1.6k
Serial number: 0829935 followed by these digits in a very small size: I-0891
I hope you can use these data for your fantastic website, my compliments!

Best Regards,



March 25, 2015: TI 2800 Paperless Printer

Thanks for the pdf manual.

Had this in my drawer for years and decided to put in some batteries and take it for a spin.

Bought it in the late 80's or early 90's. Sent it in for repair in 94 (TI Repair Stickers still on back.)

Could not remember battery size.

I always enjoyed using it, it was the only one of its kind. Perfect for business calculations involving pricing and discounts.

Thank you...



March 21, 2015: Toshiba LC-847 Solar Calculator

Dear Joerg Woerner,

I was doing some research on this calculator and I found your web site. I have this original calculator with me that I bought in 1981 or 1982, but more likely in 1982. I have the original 9-page manual printed in Japan. The calculator still works fine. The carrying case is still in excellent condition without any kind of cracks. It has developed a tiny black mole on the display screen on the far left, but it does not interfere with the displayed digits. Since I hardly use it anymore, the digits do not show completely solid because it needs to see the direct sun light for few minutes to charge its battery. Then it works beautifully.

Attached are two photographs that I took today to demonstrate today's date March 21, 2015 (3212015). I just added one extra 5 to make 8-digit display. Please feel free to add this to your web site.




March 7, 2015: Mega-Danke!p class="style4"> Hallo Joerg! Im Zuge des RCL 59 - Emulators für das iPhone, bin ich bei Dir mal wieder auf die Seite.

Habe auch dem Autor Deine Seite weitergeleitet.

Ist ja der Wahnsinn!!!!! Du hast ja auch alle Module bei Dir auf der Seite!!!!!!!!

Hammer! Freu!!!!!! :-))))))))))))))))))))))))

Ich wollte für meinen 58C immer das Navi-Modul haben, um das beim Segeln mal auszuprobieren.

Da hast Du sogar noch die Anleitung dazu! Irre.
Ferner, das Mathe-Modul und das Statistik-Modul.

Jetzt habe ich dem Autor des Emulators vorgeschlagen, er solle in Anlehnung an den HP-41-Emulator für das iPhone/iPad auch die entsprechenden Module für den TI bereitstellen.

Er wollte sich mal darum kümmern. Man, was für Zeiten, in denen wir leben!

Dir noch ein super Wochenende. Hast mich mal wieder super happy gemacht.

Schöne Grüße



March 4, 2015: your site

Is amazing and nostalgic at the same time.

I worked for an engineer in Edmonton Alberta in the latter half of my co-op term in 1977 and he introduced the TI 59 to me. I was completely thrilled to have such versatile power in my hand, and I bought one in late 1977. The following year, I had to send it out for service – you can’t have the charger connected and change batteries. Expensive lesson. While it was out for service, I missed it so badly that I purchased a second one. I still have those two, they still function, and one is constantly connected to my (still functional) PC-100A. They are still powerful little machines.

In my final year at college, 1978/1979, I was the only person in the Civil Engineering program who had a 59 and my math instructor made a deal with me to teach one class every 2 weeks on how to use the programmable calculator. In return for that, I scooped up all the surplus CPU time from his classes on the college PDP-11/70, and that just made me a greater nerd.

A few years later, I also purchased a TI 95, and also still use it; although it didn’t have the card reading capability, the alkaline battery life was far better and it had a larger LCD display.

Love your site and wish you the very best.



November 8, 2014: TMC0907 info


I was wondering if you had any more information regarding the TMC0907 or any other chips in the same family. I decapped a chip from a Wiz-A-Tron and the die has the number 0970 on it, but it doesn’t seem to have the same pinouts as the TMS0972 or TMS0974.

I’ve found the same chip in the games Comp IV and Code Name: Sector. I visually dumped the ROM code from a couple of the chips; Comp IV mostly runs using the same opcodes as a TMS1000, but doesn’t control the R-outputs quite correctly. The code from Wiz-A-Tron get stuck in an infinite loop. So I’m guessing there are some slight differences that I can’t find documented anywhere.

I emailed you a few months ago about the SR16- I finally figured out what needed to be done to get it emulated; its instruction PLA removed the opcode 0x29 ALEM, and added a decrement Y to the TDO instruction (0x0A).

I’ve since also purchased and decapped a TI30 and a TI Programmer, and I’ve got a T1-1270 coming. I’m hopeful the MESS team will get these incorporated into their emulator.

Thanks- Sean


September 17, 2014: corvus 625 with green display

Dear Mr. Woerner,

first I want to thank you for all your effort in producing brilliant Datamath web pages. I am a novice calculator collector (although not very young!) and very often refer to your pages when seeking for data on many calculators.

Today I acquired a Corvus 625 calculator and, quite normally, wanted to learn something about it. Where else should I have searched for it but in your pages? There I found your notice about two types of display (red LED and green VFD) and your suggestion about sending you the information.

Well, my example has a green VFD display and a serial number K 604859. Its colour scheme is very similar to the one in your picture, except for the dark brown "C" key. Also the label at the front reads "CORVUS" without number (625) which is written only at the back. Regrettably, the battery compartment door is missing. If you would prefer the pictures, I can send them in about two weeks time, because of the job occupation right now.

Best regards



Februrary 10, 2014: calculator assistance

Hello, Joerg!

 I found your amazing calculator site thanks to the wonderful folks at TI support. I called them with a question and instead of laughing at me they directed me to datamath.org. I’m now writing to see if you might be willing to share your expertise with me as I try to solve a problem...

When my dad passed away very unexpectedly in 2006, we gave each of his grandkids a chance to take something from his desk that would remind them of him. My then 7-year-old daughter chose his printing calculator/adding machine because she loved the way the paper came out of it. But, unfortunately, I forgot all about its significance when I was collecting things for an electronics recycling drive. I gave her Grandpa’s adding machine away and it was scrapped for parts. I am sick about it. (My daughter is handling it MUCH better than I am.) I would really like to replace it with the same kind, but I don’t even know the brand it was. All I have been able to locate is one photo of my daughter’s old desk where the side of the machine appears. I’ve attached a cropped shot here. The calculator is in the center (obscured by the alligator pen!)

I don’t think that it matches any of the TI calculators on your site and I’m not sure where to turn next. Would you be willing to take a look at the photo and see if anything “jumps” out at you as a possible brand? Any assistance you could give me would be SO appreciated.




February 10, 2014: HELP !!!! TI-50 Constant Memory Problem

Hello Joerg, Firstly, Thank you so very much for the use of your website, it is absolutely brilliant, outstanding in fact. Thanks.

I hope that you might be able to help with the following problem.

I have a Texas Instruments Electronic Calculator TI-50 Constant Memory in original fold slip case.

Serial Number: 1304433 ATA0779, 1979/80?

It is in brilliant cosmetic condition no scratches, dents, wear, pretty much spotless. Unfortunately, the rear battery cover has been prised open by previous owner and has a small nick mark, not a real issue; it clicks closes okay. Other than that it is what I would describe as nearly like new. Anyway, the issue I have is that I have replaced the batteries, which were worn & spent. It now powers on okay. Sadly, it is has a rather light display & is flickering all the time. I have only just purchased this, and from a charity shop for £5. with the optimism & hope that it will be working correctly once I returned home and replaced the batteries.

I have seen this before with many other calculators, and left for a while, 50% of them do eventually set right - warm up from the long time unused I suppose?

I hope that you might be able to give me some idea as to how to fix this problem, whether it is just worn out, or that there is a fools fixing method.

I thank you in advance Joerg & hope to hear from you soon.

All the Best to You & All, Brian


February 9, 2014: TI-81 1st generation

Hi M. Joerg,

First let me congratulate you for your calculator website, it's like a Holly Bible to me. I send you this message to complete your TI-81 1st gen database. I'm the owner of one of them. It has noside- battery emplacement (I can send you a photo if you need).

When I bought it 3 years ago, I was surprised by the lack battery emplacement but thought every TI-81 were like that.

Bye, Thomas


January 28, 2014: Love your website


Love your website. Went looking for info on my TI-66 which I still use on a regular basis. Bought it as a replacement about 30 years ago for my SR 56 which died. Only had to replace the batteries twice on my TI-66 in 30 years.




November 7, 2013: Sinclair calculators

Hi there Joerg,

Just spent an enjoyable afternoon looking round Datamath while I was looking for info on a calculator my Dad used, the TI-58.

I wrote a complex matrix-math scaling routine for microstrip filters for my B.Sc. (electronics) project and recently decided to see if I could resurrect the program on a calculator, so I have been looking around to buy one. They are pretty rare in the UK, it seems, and were obviously used a lot more elsewhere in the world.

I was curious as to why you don't have any Sinclair calculators in your "Related Calculators" section, as I was always under the impression that they used TI chips - I went to check this and came across this: http://files.righto.com/calculator

- which was a nicely written article about a reverse engineered simulator of the Sinclair Scientific.

If you are interested, I have a boxed and working version of this calculator which I would be happy to scan/photograph for you to add to the site. I do realise you collect TIs, but if you would like to add this one to the list then please drop a line with details of what info you would like and I'll provide it for you.

A pleasure to read your site - you seem to have had a similar career path (electronics/software) to me, and we are a similar age (1961 for me).

Sincerely, Rob


August 20, 2013: Thank you for maintaining the Datamath website

I just stumbled upon your website, after searching for some information on a calculator of mine. Having owned a TI 35, a TI 58C and still owning a TI 59 and a TI-54 (the both are in use occasionally), the site brought back a lot of memories. Please keep up the good work, this is an invaluable and fascinating repository of TI calculator history.

It may interest you that the TI58/58C & 59 offered some neat programming tricks, specifically in conjunction with the PR100 (A/B/C) and the master module: By using the GTO to jump to intermediate locations in the ROM (e.g. parts of longer keycodes, e.g. the address of a GTO) one could put the calculator into "weird states", allowing additional functionality (or better: the calculator was behaving out of spec, but in a relatively predictable way). It was typically used to put the calculator into FAST mode e.g. regular calculations in standard RAM operated twice as fast as usual, at the same speed as the programs stored in the ROM module. Another trick enabled by this method was that the PR100 printer would only step forward one pixel instead of 8 to generate a printout. This was used by a lot of sophisticated programs to print out graphs and other images, all of which these calculators couldn't do via standard mechanisms.

I still have a lot of the magazines of one of the GESPRO german calculator "hacker magazines" around somewhere out of nostalgia that were publishing these and and other tricks. It contained a lot of such hacks and many modifications to the calculators (additional LED's to show specific states, improving the performance and using it as a control unit). There was quite a "modding scene" specifically related to these models in those days. If you're interested, I can scan those in.

I also should still have a copy of one of the patent application for the technology of the TI58/59 calculators around here, this is a reprint that the previously referenced magazine issued as an "Internals" documentation (it was quite detailed). It contains an enormous amount on the technology used in these calculators, from details on how the 4 bit microcontroller is reading out the (serial) ROMs to the processing of the numbers and how the keyboard is scanned out (which is done by addressing a certain address space in a specific way). Very fascinating stuff and maybe one of the reasons why I work in my current field of technology.

In any case, thank you for maintaining this site, I will visit it occasionally.

Regards Paul


July 29, 2013: Mostek Calculator Chips

I recently came across your Mostek IC page, where you list the MK5012P, 5013P and 5014P. I just wanted to let you know that the Commodore US-121P, a large printing calculator with memory and no electronic readout, uses a 5013P, 5014P and a *5015P*, which you don't have listed. The three chips also carry secondary part numbers, R1200-1, -2 and -3, respectively. Like the other part numbers, the 5015P is a 40-pin white ceramic cerDIP with gold pins and cavity lid. I've seen the 5013P and 5014P together in several different models of calculator (cant recall the models anymore), but the US-121P is the only calculator I've seen that uses the 5015P.



July 29, 2013: About Texas Instruments TI-1100 calculator

Dear Joerg,

Thank you for your wonderful Datamath Calculator Museum. I have no valuable additions to the articles, but maybe the following fact will be of some interest for you: I have a Texas Instruments TI-1100 calculator bought in Paris, France in 1984. Not only it still works, but it still runs on the original battery! (Please, find attached its photo made a few days ago.) Next year, I must find some proper way to celebrate my calculator's 30th anniversary.

Best wishes,



May 17, 2013: TI-35 Plus

Hi Joerg,

First of all, thanks for the extensive work you've put into your site. While I don't collect calculators, I've found the site useful in reminding me approximately when I must have bought my calculator.

I'm in the midst of (what is for me a very difficult) chemistry class so I don't have a lot of free time, but at some time in the future, I hope to be able to send you a decent photo of my TI-35 Plus, which comes with its original flip case, quick reference guide and manual. It's this chemistry class that has forced me to finally learn how to use my calculator!

I noticed there's a pretty low res scan of the quick reference guide that's been labeled "manual", but it's not the actual manual. The manual was a trade paperback-sized softcover of, I'm guessing, 50 pages. Mine is copyright 1986. I'll try to scan that in for you some time in the next year (sorry to tease you so early!).

Thanks for your generous reference site,



April 4, 2013: Canon F-73

Attached is mine.

Bought in Perth Western Australia when they first became available; it has been in a drawer since I retired in 2008. Just switched it on and the original 1982 batteries are still working fine. That's a battery life eleven thousand times better than my new mobile phone.

Well, I just had to tell someone. I am amazed!




March 27, 2013: TI-1750

I stumbled across your website after pulling out an old calculator of mine that's been sitting in the back of a drawer of my desk for many years. I thought I might learn something about it and I did!

My device came in a brown plastic case which opens like a book and which kept the calculator in excellent shape. I still have a receipt tucked inside and found that I bought this calculator on 8/23/77 and paid $15.87 at Fedco here in San Diego. A discount store long closed, Fedco was founded by Sol Price who went on to develop Price Club, now called Costco. I'm thinking my calculator is a first design. It's Serial Number (what simple calculator has a serial number nowadays?) is 162937. I think the batteries might be the originals, if that is possible since they still power the device. The three batteries are labeled 389A.

In that same drawer, I just pulled out what might have been my first small calculator. It's a Casio Memory- 8F.

It's nice to know that someone is interested in the history and design of these antiquated devices. Maybe my wife will stop complaining that I never throw anything away after she learns that these old tools represent important technological history, at least to a few people.

Regards, Mike


March 20, 2013: The TI-1750

Hi Joe,

I just called Texas Instruments to get an email address because I wanted to write them to say thanks for over 30 years of use of my calculator – the TI-1750. I have used it regularly since I received it as a gift in 1981. Years ago I dropped it and the back came off and I just pushed it back on, so it looks slightly dented but it has never stopped working. And I have never had any batteries changed.

I’m sure someday it’s going to quit on me and then I’ll be devastated!

Anyway, they gave me your website address also and it was fun looking at the museum, with my oldie in it. Just thought you might want to know.



February 24, 2013: Welcome to North America

I liked your website.

We are a Texas Instruments family.

My wife also moved from southern Germany to North America. They did not have a c-can(container) but a Volkswagen bus and a big crate on top. So my two children are ½ German. I found you by looking up a TI 1104 that I got my wife in the late 1980’s for use in the kitchen and for shopping. There was a bin full of them at my lumber supplier and I think they were selling for $7.00 each.

My wife’s brother (also born in Germany) used a red LED TI that was programmable. He needed it for SAIT Polytechnic and he got a deal at the campus bookstore. It still cost him a bundle back in the late 1970’s.

My daughter is a high school math teacher and she has a TI, her third I believe. It is a programmable graphing calculator.

My son needed a good calculator for his Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course at SAIT Polytechnic so he chose a TI-83. He was resourceful and bought it used.

Me … Well I worked for Xerox … so I had a Xerox pocket calculator. It did not cost me anything.

It looks like you are interested in cars. Here is one that I gave to my son. He restored it and changed the engine from an unpromising 2.8 litre to a Supercharged 3.8 litre.

Thanks for the moments, Will


February 2, 2013: TI-2550 Webpage kudos

What a great webpage about a pioneer calculator! I have a 2550, date code 504, that still functions flawlessly. Even though I have other, "modern" calculators, including scientific models and one elderly TI-Programmer, the old TI-2550 stays on my desktop, in daily use. Check register calculations and countless other "routine" ops go to the 2550.

I purchased my TI-2550 new, in Montgomery, AL, soon, almost certainly, after it was manufactured ($70 or so, I think). It outlasted several sets of NiCads before the charger became unusable due to wire deterioration (brittle, cracking). It now operates almost exclusively using NiMH cells (charged separately), which work well.

I saved a copy of the pdf manual, since mine is long since gone. Again, a great webpage, so I hope this message reaches you.



October 9, 2012: hello & Toshiba LC - 825


I bought one of these calculators new in the 80's and used it at work for about 10 years. I still use it but not quite as much as back then and it still has the same working battery that it came with. I just find this amazing and had to tell someone.



October 10, 2012: Purchase of the TI-59

Hi Joerg:

Thanks for your purchase on eBay.

I surfed over to your website…really nice information, and enjoyed reading about you, your family and your passions! I, too, was born in 1960, and have a degree in Chemical Engineering. I started as a process engineer in the oil refining biz, then migrated to investment advisory, estate planning, etc. I have hobby businesses in antiques, coin collecting, marble collecting, stamp collecting. I’m sure we’ll be in touch.

Living in the hot bed of nuclear technology (near Los Alamos, NM) and attending estate sales, it’s amazing what stuff I run into.




September 24, 2012: hello & thanks for the TI data

I wanted to send you a quick email to say thanks for all of the TI data.

Being a college student of the mid seventies, I too purchased a TI-50A that I wanted to revive for old time sake.

Your website provided me with the necessary information to do so and I enjoyed reading about your family's experiences and you relocation to America.

Thanks again and best wishes



October 6, 2012: Thanks for the manuals for the Spelling B!

My kid is now able to play with mine from when I was a kid.

Gotta love modern technology letting you use old tech.


Sent from my iPad (woot!)


September 10, 2012: TI-30 iii (1985) still running with same batteries



Ran across your website while searching on TI-30 iii. We have one that was bought in 1985 and is still running on the same batteries. It isn't solar! How can that be - how can this still be running? Have you ever run into this?

Very strange and had to share with someone who may find it interesting.... or not.... LOL




September 17, 2012: Kudos

Dear Joerg,

I am retired Navy and retired computer designer... I was introduced to the TI calculators in the 1970's... While attending college under the Navy ADCOP degree completion program, I purchased the wonderful SR-10 for about 2 weeks salary ($150.00) and a 2 month wait...

WOW, it was amazing and made life so easy with mathematics, chemistry and physics calculations... Somehow i discarded it and purchased a TI-30, which I still have, along with my TI-55.. Also, I still have my expensive Log Log slide rules... as momento to the past...

 I have thoroughly enjoyed your website and extensive details... What a wide array of TI...

My only question for you is a source for the Battery Chargers that came with the calculators????

Any thoughts or references would be greatly appreciated....

Thank you so much for the information,




August 28, 2012: Thanks for your site


Just wanted to say thanks for your website. I still use my 20+yr old Texas Instruments scientific calculator.

 Somehow, I had activated the round-off feature and had no idea how to reset it. Glad I found your site and a "digital operating manual".



September 3, 2012: My Datamath

Thanks Joerg,

I appreciate your following up on my emails. It was fun finding out about the Datamath. Your information on the internet was very informative, thanks for putting it all together.



July 18, 2012: Texas Instruments TI-82 Stats.fr (Red)

Hi Joe,

I am really impressed with your site! I was looking to purchase a TI-82 Stats.fr, because I wanted a TI-82 (or 83, 85) that was unique in some way, and I very much like the maroon color. Although, I'm not fluent in French. You mention in your description that it was also made in Great Britain. Do you know if they ever produced a TI-82 in maroon in the English language, or where I could find one? Thanks so much!

And Kudos again on the fantastic site!



August 9, 2012: TI Calculator

I have a question about an old TI calculator. When I was a child my grandpa died and I was given his calculator to remember him by. As I remember, it was a fairly small calculator that had no solar cell. It had a switch to turn it on and it did not go into sleep mode (if you left it on the battery would die). I think the housing was all or partly metal and it had a leather cover that would fold over it when not in use. I lost this calculator soon after I got it and have always wished I could have it back. If you have a guess at which model this might be please let me know.




June 25, 2012: Original TI-1100

I have an original "TI-1000" the same as shown on your web site.

I received it as a company Christmas party gift in December 1983 and have used it on a regular basis to this day.

The completely amazing thing is that I have NEVER opened the case to change the original battery it is still working like new almost 29 years later.

After 5 years I was expecting that the battery would need to be replaced, then it was ten years, twenty, twenty-five and I keep wondering if this thing will never die.

I hope it doesn't, it is the best little calculator I've ever owned.

Have you ever heard of anyone else experiencing this life on another TI-1000?


June 26, 2012: Fehler in TI-30X-PRO.htm

Hallo Jörg,

wir hatten vor ein paar Jahren mal gemailt, da warst Du gerade wieder in die USA umgezogen.

Habe folgendes bei Deiner Seite: http://www.datamath.org/Sci/Modern/TI-30X-PRO.htm entdeckt:

2 x Complex numbers nach:

Deine Seite ist wirklich super, gut, dass es Dich gibt und Du Dir diese Mühe machst

Viele liebe Grüße


June 15, 2012: Schlimme Homepage

Schlimme Homepage

Sehr geehrter Herr Woerner,

ohne Sie beleidigen zu wollen: Ich kenne Sie nicht, bin nur zufällig über Ihre Homepage gestolpert.

Aber wir Internet-Benutzer müssen je nicht jeden Dreck einfach so hinnehmen: Ihre materialistische, egozentrische Selbstdarstellung ist einfach widerlich.

Sehr weit kann es mit Ihrem Selbstbewusstsein nicht her sein, dass Sie Ihre diversen fahrbaren Untersätze fast wie Reliquien anbeten.

Wie nur halten Ihre (kluge) Frau und Ihre vier (!) Kinder Sie aus?

Gott sei Ihrer armen Seele gnädig.

Carsten Tittlinger

June 13, 2012: Thanks very much for Datamath!

Hi Jörg!

Thanks very very much for your TI calculator collection and fantastic website!

I am a computer programmer living in the mountains of New Mexico, used to work at a very big radio-telescope (http://nrao.edu) and would sometimes visit Garching bei München for meetings with ESO...

Right now we teach our kids at home, it is lots of work but saves long trips each day because of our remote location.

Because of TI's great education resources, and inspired by your website, I set about getting some calculators for my kids. Maybe I got a little carried away...

I managed to get a silver TI-35 in like-new condition, two sets of TI's "Student Calculator Math Book", two TI-30X IIS (one pink and one blue), and a TI-NSpire Touchpad, the TI-84 keypad, and what may be a lifetime collection of replacement batteries. Total cost $80. Wow.

I have always had a collection of old computers for the kids, but things are changing fast: laptops are no longer interesting since the iPad came home. And yet, something different happened when I gave each kid their own brightly-colored calculator and some instruction books: they really started using them!

Something about these TI calculators: the tangible feel of the keys, the bright colors, something you hold in your hand as your very own... math becomes something that they feel.

I find all this very ironic; I tried to show them something with Wolfram Alpha, but it doesn't have the same impact, not yet. Well, they are still growing!


Sent from my iPad=

June 15, 2012: Thank you for Datamath website

Hi Joerg,

I have browsed your website many times sincw discovering it in 2009.

Thank you for the detailed information and keeping it up to date. My first TI was a Little Proffessor that my dad gave me in latter half of the 1970's. He had just purchased an electronic scientific Sharp (EL-502 IIRC) and I was fascinated by it so he got me the Little Proffessor - it was the first edition with the slide switches. Unfortunately I do not have it anymore.

Lately I has purchased a few old TI's on eBay and your website has helped me a in making decisions on purchases, and also your manuals have helped a great deal.

Thank you again.

Kind regards,



June 13, 2012: TI-30 III

Hello Joe,

I have this calculator with the original batteries and it still works like the day it was given to me. Have you heard of this happening in any other calculators?

I thought it might be interesting as the batteries are over 30 years old. They are LR44.

June 07, 2012: TI-30 SLR found

Hi Joerg;

Several months ago, I wrote you about my son's TI-83 series calculator.

Today after unpacking a box from our move (5 years ago!), I found my all time favorite TI-30 SLR. This is by far my favorite calculator ever, and you certainly hit the nail on the head about the smooth keyboard action.

I have other TI calcs, but none has ever come close to this one.

The only downside that I know of is that one has to be in moderate light to use it, but that is a small cost to pay.

Thousands of electronic circuit calculations have been performed on this. I'm not sure if I have the first or second model - I cannot tell the difference from the webpage picture. I got it as a gift around 1984 or so, I think, as a holiday gift from an engineer contracted to work for us.

No matter which model it is, I'm really glad to have found it again. Thanks again for your super web pages. I know it takes a lot of effort to keep such a project current.

Best regards,


June 09, 2012: TI-3500

Hi Joerg,

I've used your site on numerous occasions, I'm not much of a calculator collector, but I do love the older TIs - so going through your site is fantastic.

I recently found an absolutely complete, gorgeous TI-3500, including the dust cover, all of the original documentation, and the bill of sale.

In addition, there was a form letter (from TI VP John R. Brougher, Jr. no less!) that thanked the purchaser for choosing a Texas Instruments calculator, and outlined several very personal customer service options.

Upon re-reading it, I checked your site for a scan of it, and didn't see one - surely you have this letter amongst your amazing collection? I've included a quick photo of it, if you'd like a scan I'd be happy to make one. It really exemplifies my feelings for early TI products.


- Benjamin

May 21, 2012: Thank You


I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this Datamath resource. You saved my hide…as I have a really old (TI-36 solar calc) from 1987 and definitely don’t have the manual nor did I learn how to use it competently. I now have a resource to help me.

Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate it!


May 24, 2012: TI-66

Hello Sir,

I googled for TI-66 and found your web page. I began working at TI in 1983 and the first things I purchased from Employee Sales were a TI-66 calculator and a TI-200 printer. The printer has long been discarded only because TI quit producing the thermal paper for it. The calculator still sits on my work desk now 2 companies and 2 cross-country moves later and still runs on the original batteries.

Jerome Barry

May 16, 2012: Student Business Analyst - I-0784 BA-35

I bought this new in 1984 and am still using it today (I’ve had to change batteries, of course).


May 17, 2012: More about TI-503SV

If you hold down certain buttons (such as 2 and *) while turning on the calculator, weird things happen with the display. You might want to put something about that in the article.

Credit me as flarn2006 if you do please!

April 19, 2012: TI-60_US Manual Request


Can you make the TI-60 Guidebook available for downloading? My 91 year old father-in-law, uses a TI-60 while attempting to teach himself Calculus. He has a TI-60 Quick Reference, but would like a TI-60 Guidebook.

Thanks in advance for any information..


April 24, 2012: TI-1750

I have been using my TI-1750 almost daily for 33 years.

 I have never changed the batteries.


March 23, 2012: Little Professor

Dear Joerg, I called Texas Instruments and told them the story of my little professor and they gave me you website address so I could look to see if my calculator was there and sure enough it was. I have a 1982 Little Professor that I received as a Christmas present one in 1982 and I can hardly believe it but it still works. This amazes me because I have moved several times and it has traveled cross country and spent years in a garage and then a shed in Arizona where the temperature did not phase it. More amazing than it working is I don’t ever remember changing the battery and I know for sure it has not been changed for 20 years. I have no idea how it still functions and I have not been brave enough to take the cover off the back to see what is going on inside. I just wanted to share the story because I turn it on every one in a while and it never fails to be at the ready. Thank you for your sight it is a walk through memory lane.


April 11, 2012: Teal Photon solar calculator

Hello Joerg

I was just looking for more info on my old solar calculator and found your page on the Teal Photon in the Datamath Calculator Museum.

I've had this calculator since my father bought it for me in London, England, when it was first sold here in the late 1970s.

As you can see from the attached snapshots, the design is a little different from the one you have illustrated at http://www.datamath.org/Related/Teal/Photon.htm and the serial number is considerably lower, having only 6 digits. I can't find anything on the internet showing this exact version, which doesn't have an AC button, apart from a Japanese site with an inaccessible link to the model and a copy of an advert here http://www.epocalc.net/pages/mes_calcs-fichiers/ad_photon_1978-08.jpg

Hope this is of interest to you!


February 22, 2012: Little Professor

Hi Joerg,

I came across your pages about the "Little Professor".

I still have my 1982 UK model from when I was a child. I think I got it from either my parents or my grandparents, and I doubt that they would have bought it in the UK - I don't remember any of them every travelling there.

They may have bought it in Germany, but most likely it was bought in Denmark.

Long story short: I'm fairly certain that the model was also sold outside of the UK.

Best wishes,

February 24, 2012: oshiba SLC-8260

Dear Joerg

I don't know if this is unusual, but I have a Toshiba SLC-8260 calculator, probably purchased in the late 1970s, which I use at least once or twice a week. It works like a charm.

Since I would not normally be too concerned about an error of the type described on your web site, a wrong result of one part per 5764800, I intend to use it until it, or I, fall apart.



February 16, 2012: Texas Instruments: Mathe-Fix

Hallo Joerg,

immer wieder – und stets mit großem Interesse! – lande ich auf deiner Website datamath.org. Genau wie du bin ich ein großer Fan von sprechenden TI-Produkten, auch wenn meine Sammlung bei weitem nicht so umfangreich ist wie deine. :)

Ich wollte dir etwas mitteilen, das den deutschen Mathe-Fix betrifft: Ich weiß nicht, ob dir es dir bekannt ist, aber diesen gab es in zwei Ausführungen (ich besitze beide). Das spätere Modell (bei Karstadt damals als „Mathe-Fix II“ angeboten) ziert ein gelber Aufkleber auf der Packung mit dem Hinweis „Jetzt mit neuer Sprachqualität“. Ansonsten ist äußerlich alles identisch.

Tatsächlich aber ist die Sprachsynthese weitaus besser. Auch verwendet der Mathe-Fix II neue Ausdrücke und lange Zahlen klingen nicht mehr so monoton.

Falls dich Details wie Fotos oder Audio-Samples hierzu interessieren, sag mir Bescheid. Ich versuche, dir dann alles zu beantworten.

Viele Grüße derweil aus Augsburg
– Daniel

February 18, 2012: Early TI-35

Hi there,

after a reminiscing post on Facebook by a school friend about learning calculator maths in early high school, I went looking for my TI-35, which I knew I still had (along with the "Student Calculator Math Book" I got with the calculator in, if I recall correctly, 1981 here in Sydney, Australia). Found the book same day - took a week to find my TI-35, though.

In looking on the web about TI-35s, I found your site and the info on the different models.

Mine is S/N 3229735 with a manufacturing code of ATA4280 (so week 42 of 1980) and has the more silvery faceplate and black LCD surround.

I loved the idea of your forensics page - it's like dating maps/globes by the timing of country name/border changes, etc. Mine returns 9.177087103 as well.

Just thought I'd let you know and thank you for your informative site :)

Kind regards


February 5, 2012: P1110437.JPG

Dear Joerg,

I'm a weekend calculator's collector from Korea, and I found a different version of Ti-1768.

In this, the solar cell is smaller and located above the display. I got mine with the magnetic wallet.

I'm sending a picture of the calculator as you might be interested.

Thanks for all the work done, as it's always a great pleasure to looking for stuff from your site.


February 12, 2012: DATAMATH CALCULATOR MUSEUM item to add

Hi -

Out of curiosity, we wanted to see how old my trusty, and still working TI-502 is.

We see some on your list, but want to let you know, they came in white as well (mine is white).

Still working great and on its first battery!

Attached is a photo we just took.

Enjoy, Cyndy

January 13, 2012: TI-83 Silver Plus latent defect?

Good morning;

I just have a (hopefully) quick question that I did not see addressed on the Datamath.org website:

Sometime in the 1990's, we bought our son a TI-83 Silver Plus graphing calculator for school. It had a serial PC interface and the calculator itself had a 3.5 mm circular phono jack on the center bottom edge below the keyboard. I toiled for unknown hours (hundreds) over the course of many months to get the interface to work, all to no avail.

Finally, working through TI tech support with multiple phone calls, they and I were convinced that the serial interface in the calculator was actually bad, and they offered and did replace the unit with a new one which instead sported a USB interface and hence (if I remember correctly) a mini-USB connector in the spot where the 3.5 mm circular connector had been. The newer one worked flawlessly from the start. I do not remember if the new one was also marked a TI-83 Plus Silver, but I do know it was a transparent case like the first one we'd bought, and somehow remember it being identical except for the PC interface connector.

I was just wondering if there was a larger latent technical problem with the serial interface on our original TI-83 Silver Plus that made them willing to swap it out for a new one at no charge, or if we just somehow purchased a 'lemon' by chance and were the recipient of some really good customer relations?

Thanks, and I enjoy reading through the history of these calculators. My first one was an SR-10 electronic slide rule when I was an undergrad around 1973 and cost $110. I still have it and it still works.


January 13, 2012: SR-52 DataBase Update for ya

Hi there...

Saw your TI calculator museum and all the good info.

I purchased a SR-52 and a PC-100 printer new 4/9/76. Did some stuff with PPX, etc.

All still work A-1

Info for SR-52 DataBase: Ser.#038938 USA 1376 DTA Steve Dodds

Also, still use 1986 TI-35 PLUS (WITH 1/3 OF KEY IMPRINTING GONE!)

Also, still use 1997-2003 TI-30XA (A on Calculator -- User Manual says TI-30Xa ... interesting)

Better design than 35 PLUS regarding longevity of key imprinting

Good site!!


J. Steve

January 3, 2012: TI-1020

Hi Joerg,

Thanks for the info about the age of my calculator... I could not tell how old it is, now I know , since it's a brown covered type: 32 years !!
(and for the record, my TI-1020 is still working perfectly well )

Do you think that items manufactured in 2012 will still be there in ...2044 ???!!!

Great job (from you and TI)

January 12, 2012: Just stumbled apon your webpage

On a whim I googled the model # of my TI calculator that I have been using...oh...forever. And discovered its 30 years old! Holly cow.. might be time to get a new calculator...lol

Its a TI-30 SLR

Still working just as good as the day I bought it. I use it almost daily.

Keep it - they don't do this quality anymore!!!


See now you made me feel bad for the old girl. So I broke out the alcohol wipes and cleaned the handjam off her. All shined up and ready for action...lol

December 30, 2011: Sharp EL-801 IC's

Hi Joerg,

Congratulations, my plans for a website of my own don't get any substance, but the impressive sites like yours and Nigel's (and of course Rick Bensene's) provide lots of detail to everyone interested. They made me resume collecting after many years.

Best regards,


December 31, 2011: Happy New Year

Thanks for visiting my Datamath Calculator Museum.



December 29, 2011: I appreciate your Datamath museum

I bought a TI-2500 back in 1974

I recently found a TI-2500B on Ebay

Pictures here:


December 29, 2011: Comment on TI-1766

I was installing a new Power Mac and cleaning my computer desk and drawer and decided to polish up my old TI-1766, and to let go of it’s case, which was missing the cover.

I got curious and googled, and found your site. Amazing to think that my little pocket calculator has been with me for 30 years, and I still occasionally use it. Still works like a charm!

December 27, 2011: Math To Go!

Hi there,
I just purchased a Math To Go for my neice – but cannot figure out how to open the battery compartment in the back without breaking it! Any help is appreciated!
P.S. Love your site
Thank You


December 2, 2011: Mystery "TI-59" mag cards


I've really enjoyed your calculator museum site. I'm trying to get my own TI-59, which I got for Christmas back in 1978, back in service.
I've got the card reader going, with the help of a gummy-wheel kit. And it works great on 2 cards that I have. I ordered a book of cards on Ebay from xxx@comcast.net. But they don't work, and seem to be different. And the seller has not responded to my email to him.

I was hoping that maybe you could tell me what it is that I have. The cards I bought are a less yellow, deeper gold color than the ones I have that work. They are also shorter. 72mm vs 75mm. Their magnetic surface is shiny, whereas the ones that work are a more satin finish. I was thinking that they might be SR52 cards. But some of them say "Solid State Software" which (I think) was specifically a TI58/58C/59 slogan.

I've attached a photo. The top card works. The bottom cards go through the reader, and the motor keeps running until I press R/S, and nothing is read. When I hit R/S I get either a flashing 63 or flashing
32 in the display.

I apologize for emailing you directly with a tech question about a product I didn't buy from you. But I've googled around and have found neither an answer nor an active forum which seems appropriate. If you happen to know what I have here, or could direct my to the proper forum, I would be very grateful. And I do suspect I will be buying some stuff from you in the future. (I was the first bid on the TI59 you sold yesterday, but I didn't win.)

In fact, if you have the right mag cards, or a Master Library module, I'd be interested. That's another problem with my purchase from xxx@comcast.net. It was supposed to include a Master Library Module, but instead included the RPN Simulator Module.

Sincere Thanks,


December 23, 2011: Texas Instruments Speak & Spell Basic Builders Grade2-4

Dear datamath-calculator-museum,

thank you for your business once again.

I use your website datamath for the hard to find electronics information from time to time and it is a great site. thank you. have a great day.


- retro_nostalgia_manias


November 28, 2011: TI-30 SLR

Nice page on the TI-30 SLR. I still use mine every day and keep waiting for it to break so I can get something newer, but the darned thing wont stop working!

October 1, 2011: 2.55MP now available for TI-84 Plus Family


I think your website is awesome! I recently bought a used TI-84 Plus SE which came with version 2.40, so I downloaded the latest version from TI's site which is 2.55MP. You might update datamath.org to list 2.55MP as the latest version for the TI-84 Plus Family.


October 27, 2011: BP7 PCB

Hallo Jörg,

vielen, vielen Dank. Der Steffen konnte wirklich helfen und schickt mir bereits morgen die Baugruppe zu. Den Ti-57 hat mir vor 30 Jahren meine Frau aus den USA mitgebracht, ich hänge daran, obwohl es 100-fach modernere programmierbare Rechner gibt ….
Nochmals Dank für die schnelle Hilfe.


September 20 2011: TI-1200, etc...

You've got some amazing history there... and a terrific resource for those of us who love the history of technology!

You're doing a truly valuable service in preserving information that could so easily be lost as obsolescence and the eventual breakdown of components sends these artifacts to the trash bin.

I'm a calculator geek from way back. Spent $40 for my first four function model, on sale. Half the going price for similar units.

Still have a HP41CX with barcode wand, printer and some modules (and all the manuals last time I looked) AND still regretting giving away the TI-59 with ALL the accessories back when I got the HP...

Some other HP models I have are a 20 and 27S in there cases, with the manuals somewhere in the basement<G>


Just picked up a TI-1200 S/n 944XXX (the reason I was visiting your site)

It LOOKS nearly NIB condition, even though I picked it off the shelf in a thrift store. The display shows a few light scratches, but it's a beautiful piece of history.

The HP 15C (254GA57XXX) sitting next to it came home too. The case only shows the slightest trace of pocket wear...

Neither machine shows any gross signs of wear, so apparently they were both someone's prized, and gently used, calculators, and got donated straight from their desk drawer to the Goodwill folks.

If you'd like any pictures for your site I'd be glad to help

Thanks for sharing your collection with the rests of us!


September 29, 2011: Texas Instruments TI-31 ANYLIGHT SOLAR

Thank you for your website. I can't remember how to use my calculator. I downloaded the manual and it's sure to help. One thing I questioned though. You showed the date as 1986. I graduated in 1985 and 1983-84 was the last year I took math in high school. I was sure I had the calculator that year. I took Trigonometry and Math Analysis. I have another standard calculator from when I was 10, but 1983-84 I needed square roots and other functions. So perhaps it was sold in the fall of 1983? My calculator says Japan on the back with patents, but I can't find a date. Just thought you might like to know someone appreciated your efforts.

Laughed when I saw "Calculator Museum" on the website. Well thanks again.



September 25, 2011: Texas Instruments TI 30 STAT

Thank you. I have misplaced the manual for my calculator that I have used frequently for the last 25 years and needed to know what the key sequence for conversion from degrees to radians is. I was very pleased to be able to download the manual so easily. Just for interest mine looks like the 1987 model on your website and has the date wk 38 yr 86 on the back.


Melanie B

July 24, 2011: Thank You!

Hi Joerg,
Thank you for posting the user manual to my very old Texas Instruments calculator on Datamath.org.

You really really helped me out!



July 24, 2011: Your Calculator Article


still own the original Texas Instruments TI-1100 II and have used it continuously since 1986. Can you explain to me why, after 25 years, the original battery has never died?


July 19, 2011: Question on the TI-59 AC charger


I visited your very impressive TI webpage because I have an old TI-59 (bought in Sweden when I was a student there in 1980).

I have the AC9900/H power adapter (6.2 V 200 mA) which is noted on your web page but it also says that the AC9131 adapter (3.3 V 500mA) is used with the TI-59 and they both give different voltages, which make it confusing to me since I am not an EE guy. How can the TI-59 handle both these? Is it because my TI-59 is a EU version that uses the AC9900/H EU adapter and the TI-59 US version uses the AC9131 US adapter? Then the power circuitry must be different if there really is a EU and US version of the TI-59? I also tried to use the repair BP1 instructions for my TI-59 by connecting a cordless phone battery (3.6V 800mAh) directly to the +/- strip terminals on the back of the TI-59 (I soldered wires on the terminals because one was broken). After turning on the LED flashed errousenely and the card reader started running, I am not sure what happened. It might be broken.

I appreciate any comments you have to answer.


July 22, 2011: Canon Palmtronic F7


my F7 was giving trouble through intermittent key malfunctions. I've had this problem with similar gear so had no hesitation in pulling it apart to clean the printed circuit. As I separated the plastic cover to
get at the printed circuit, there was a "sprong' and keys, springs and pads became distributed about the desk. The 32 holes in the face panel are engraved with their secondary function whilst the keys are engraved
with their primary function so there's no way of determining which key goes into which hole in the face panel. I went through that awful feeling of great disappointment that we DIYs suffer when faced with such calamities. Is there any body out there on the web I wondered who would remember a calculator from 37 years ago? Then I found your site with it's clear face photo.

Saved! I quickly reassembled the device and it's
back to its reliable old self.

Many thanks - Max,
Queensland, Australia

July 14, 2011: TI-30


wollte mich nur bedanken für die Hilfe und Infos auf der Webseite.
Meine grosse Tochter hat heute meinen TI 30 herunterfallen lassen, woraufhin der sich in 46 Einzelteile auf dem Fussboden zerlegt hatte.
Dank der Bilder hier konnte ich die Tasten wieder richtig einsetzen.

Seltsamerweise ist der Taschenrechner für mich eine sentimentale Bindung an meine Abi-Zeit (1 Jahr zuvor gekauft), was ja auch erst 26 Jahre her  ist -)

An meinem HP-28S von 1986 hänge ich weniger, aber da war auch die harte Studienzeit.

Wünsche Ihnen jedenfalls weiter viel Spass in den Staaten! Wir wollten  eigentlich dieses Jahr in den USA Urlaub machen, aber da meine grosse Tochter nicht 3 Wochen von ihrem Freund weg kann und die kleine nicht solange ohne Reiten und IHRE Freunde sein kann........wird es wohl doch nur wieder Kroatien -)

Freundliche Grüße aus Ulm, Baden-Württemberg


July 19, 2011: TI-62 Galaxy help

Hi there,

Firstly i just want to congratulate you on your excellent Calculator website! Very Informative!

I'm hoping though that you might be able to help with something. I recently acquired a TI-62 Galaxy in Excellent condition. However, after thoroughly scouring the web, there seems to be NO copy of it's User Manual anywhere!

I'm hoping, being an owner of the TI-62 yourself, that you might have, or maybe know someone who has a physical copy of the user guide, that could canned in & then put up on the Web for all to share?

Whilst I appreciate that various people have compared this calculator to other similar scientific & programmable machines.. It's still not the same & there are subtle differences.
It's quite frustrating that there doesn't seem to be a manual anywhere..

Can you help?

Kind Regards,


June 14, 2011: Datamath

Hi, there,
I recently discovered your site through Wikipedia and wanted to drop you a line and let you know how absolutely fascinating it is. It's great to have found a resource such as the one you're providing. I'm getting a huge kick (and learning quite a bit) out of reading about the calculators I use on a daily basis (I'm a math tutor. Most of my students have TI-83's/-84's, but I myself have an 89 Titanium).

Love it, love it, love it!

Keep up the good work,

July 6, 2011: Concept 24 version 1

Hi Joerg,

Found your site in a quick google search for Concept 24 calculators.

I have one of the version 1 Concept 24 calculators, which I got from my grandfather several years ago. Interesting to discover that it's (though only a few years) older than I am! Still works just fine, just put a new set of batteries in it so I can use it at my desk. Buttons aren't all that responsive, but it all seems to work. I used to have the packaging years ago, but it eventually fell apart and is now long gone.

I threw it on the scanner for a few quick images, which you are welcome to use on your site. If you'd like I can clean it up a bit more and get some better images. Unfortunately, the display doesn't show up when I use the scanner.

If I can do anything with it to help you out, feel free to let me know.



June 21, 2011: TI-52 Solar Cover

Hi Joerg!

Impressive internet museum, I looked around it quite a bit. I own and still use my trusty TI-52 Solar calculator (s/n 122057) but over the years the protective cover has become cracked and torn. Would you know of a place where I could find a replacement cover? I know it's a long shot, but hey! who knows, right?


June 2, 2011: Calculators

Wow. I was kind of surprised to see the TI-37 galaxy calculator in a museum. I'm still using mine.



June 3, 2011: Re: TI 5045 SVC calculator

Thank you.

I really appreciate your help in locating a Manuel for a calculator with more functions then I need.

Thank you again, Ed

June 2, 2011: My Calculator

I am still using (all the time at work) my Europa 10

People at work wanted to know how old it was – that is when I found your web site – Calculator Museum!!.
All the numbers on the keys have disappeared as has the + and – symbols. The clock does not work either.

It took me back to look at the photo of the pristine model you have on the site.


June 2, 2011: TI-30D


Very nice site of calculators. Her´s my comments to the TI 30D:

I have been working at a 20+ people mechanical workshop for 17 years - from 1991 onwards. On the very first day at the new job I was introduced to the TI 30D.
It was a very popular calculator at the company - it was robust and very well suited for the hard environment in the workshop.

There was some 6-10 calculators around the company - in the workshop for calculation the set up of mills and lathers as well as in the office for production planning.
The weight made the TI 30D stand firmly on the surface and you could manage it by just one hand. Also I hardly remember batteries ever was changed!!!

At the end of the 90-ties I started looking for replacements as some calculators had fallen victims of trucks, welding machines and in one case - burned up. However, I could not find one. Finally we got to use hand held, two-hand calculators with too small displays. The last four years we bought new
calculators in 10-pack. They didn´t last long...

Before I gave up my search for a replacement I even considered making some tools in our workshop for pressing plastic parts to start a small production of converted modern calculators.
I was saved by the bell as I qualified for retirement and now it is just history.

Kind regards



May 29, 2011: TI-36X II


First of all, awesome website! You are awesome. I have a question regarding the TI 36X II line of calculator. I saw that there are two versions of this out. The one released in 1999, and a new redesign one in 2004. Is there any difference between the two, besides asthetics? I ask this because I need one of these calculators, and someone I know is selling me the 1999 one really cheap. And it would be cheaper to buy this one than to buy a new one from the TI website. Thanks!

Best regards,


May 13, 2011: Re: Calculator IC


Many thanks for that VITAL information. It crossed my mind about red = -ve etc but I thought surely not !!!!
But you were 100% correct and my calculator is now working ok!

I have the remains of the 'power pack' inverter and may be able to repair it or run the calc from a 9V battery.
This means that I don't need to buy your TI-55! But if you have spent time etc sorting it out for me then I will consider it.

Please advise about this.

If I can be of any help to you info wise then please contact me.

Very Best Regards,

May 23, 2011: Thanks


I have one (Dataman) It works just great.
But I had lost the manuals!

Thanks for sharing them



April 28, 2011: TI-88 made in Canada?


Question re: http://www.datamath.org/Sci/Slanted/TI-88.htm#earlier shows a picture indicating "Made in Canada". Was yours a prototype? I wonder why TI manufactured the TI-88 in Canada instead of China or Taiwan?

Thanks very much for your great site! I can spend hours of reading about calculators - especially TI-58C. Every time I read that page I get a pang of nostalgia. In high school, I was "on fire" about programming and the 58C was my first. Sadly, my TI-58C was lost long a go.



I still have my TI-55-III, and now I know where it came from. Thanks! Crazy that it is still working 25 years later. Never replaced the battery either.


April 26, 2011: PS-6700

Thank you so much, I could not figure out how to lighten the contrast on the screen. Now I am able to use my PS6700 and it is like brand new. What a great back up to have.

April 19, 2011: SR-56 serial number etc

Hi Joerg,

Having found your excellent website, Datamath, I was very interested in the information about the SR-56. I have owned one of these calculators from new. I bought it from Comet in the UK in April/May 1977 and I seem to remember it cost me £56. Considering that my monthly salary was only about £100 at the time, the calculator represented a considerable investment!

It has been used regularly since I bought it and has only needed the NiCd cells replacing in the late 1980s. Its main use has been for scientific and statistical purposes only falling from grace when computer spreadsheets appeared.

Everything works perfectly, including the mains charger and keyboard. I still have the original manuals and programming pad.

I have included a couple of photographs of the calculator (I waive copyright for these photographs so you may use them as you wish.), showing the rather worn front and the Programmable logo, and the serial number and date code on the back. The date code should read 0577RCI. The plastic material in the battery cover access hole is from a polythene sheet I wrapped around the repaired battery pack. This provides both insulation and protection from possible leakage. (I believe I hard-wired the battery pack to the circuit board when it was repaired.)

I hope this information is of some value to you.

Yours sincerely,



April 14, 2011: French Speak and Spell Internal word list

Hi Joerg,

Great site for speak and spell information, I have used your site many times, so I would like to give something back. Some time ago I email you saying the UK Speak and Spell had to different internal word list, so I have attached the lists, hope it helps.

I have also attached the complete word list for the French version which I don't think you have.

I am still looking for the word list for the Italian Speak and spell. your site doesn't have it, It has a list of the modules but no internal word list, can you help.

best regards


April 11, 2011: Datamath in mint condition

First , thanks for your quick reply . Secondly , I enjoyed your website very ,very much. Great effort !!

Based , on your estimate you gave me , I prefer to sit tight for now . It has more value to me
In my own house - as described , It is such a beauty to one's eyes .

I do not have any pics to send you but I can certainly do so of everything within the box and ,as you asked , the box itself . The serial number by the way is 2500-81925 or 2500-81926 as their is a dimple at the bottom of the last number so I cannot really state positively if it is a " 5" or a "6" .

I' ll forward you a email with pics sometime next week one way or the other .

Till then .

Thanks & regards ,


April 12, 2011: TI-30 STAT

Hi Joerg,

I read your short history on the Datamath.org website. I think it’s great that you’ve found a hobby that turned into a lifelong passion and career. The best part was the serendipitous incident that brought you to TI calculators in the first place. Great story!

I was hoping you could give me a nudge in the right direction. I have a TI-30 STAT that doesn’t work anymore. I am not an electronics enthusiast, but I believe in fixing things. (And my dad is good at fixing things and has a lot of tools in the basement). This calculator has served me well in high school and college, and seems like simple, rugged device that should continue to work for many more years. After college, I haven’t used it for a maybe 3 years, and when I took it out of drawer and tried to use it, it wouldn’t turn on. I replaced the old batteries (LR44) with new ones (357) and it still wouldn’t turn on. The contacts don’t look corroded and there is no residue. The contacts are embedded in a flexible plastic strip that I’ve never seen before in other electronics. I’d like to open up the case to see is I can troubleshoot from inside, but there are no screws. If I try to pop or force the case to open, will I damage the internals? Any thoughts on what the problem might be?


April 4, 2011: TI-25X SOLAR #110669996383

Dear datamath-calculator-museum,

By the way: Long before you listed any items on eBay, I was a fan of your Datamath website.

Are there any other Scientific TI calculators that you recommend... or not recommend?


April 10, 2011: Datamath in mint condition

Joerg ...
I just wanted to thank you for all the work and the resultant data your site provides...
My first TI was also a sr-50a... I recently found it ...
It triggered a bunch of memories ... making our way through electonics...(back in the day of 8 bits)
Several / many years ago I pulled the batteries fr the holder and kept the tabs intact... I guess I figured someday I would get around to repairing / resurrecting the ole' number cruncher ...
your repair battery pack page is super ...
with your sites help ...
I've got the correct charger .. and batteries are on order ...
thanks again for the great effort.

(field helicopter mechanic (w/ kool TI)
tucson, az

March 25, 2011: PC-100 print cradles for TI Calculators

Hello Joerg,

First - your website is GREAT!! WONDERFUL and totally AMAZING.


I was wondering if you knew (or could look) at the keys/locks on your TI PC-100x print cradles and see  if there is any info to be found that might enable new keys to be made where they have been lost based on the number on the lock. My LOCK (on a PC-100A) has the number 187 on the face of the lock and they KEY says "HC187 HURD LOCK". The website EASYKEYS.COM which has many keys says  HC187 is an invalid key number, unfortunately. Maybe they have changed company names or ???

Just curious to know what your locks or keys have on them...and if they are same or different.

Thanks for any info,


March 28, 2011: Intense auction TI-67

I lost, my bid was a dollar shy of the winning bid. Happy to get the price up a bit for you, otherwise it was sitting around $40.

Great web site, I just got a 65 and 66, the 67 and 68 would make a nice set.
Been doing mostly hp up until now but there were quite a few cute TI machines that came out in the 80's (which I know about only because of your web site). I am annoyed that I didn't get it.

Anyway thanks for your obsession, and your work. GD


March 20, 2011: TI-1750

Hello Joerg,

In 1979 I began working for the old Metals and Controls division of Texas Instruments. In early 1980 TI added an employee store to our location in Fort Washington, PA and I purchased one of the first generation TI-1750 Datamath calculators. Over 30 years later I am still using that same calculator several times a week and, what is most amazing to me, still using the original battery! That must be some kind of record. I have been tempted to open the case and take a look at what manufacturer produced the battery but am afraid I will jinx myself and it will die on me.
I came across your website devoted to the Datamath and thought if you were interested enough to have a website on it you might like to hear about the amazing battery and the quality of workmanship that went into the TI-1750 that would have it still completely functional after over 30 years of use.



March 21, 2011: TI-1035

Dear Mr Woerner

Thanks for your excellent DATAMATH CALCULATOR MUSEUM.

I've been collecting calculators on and off for several years and just recently found a TI-1035, serial No. 391493 that does reveal the manufacturer --- Made In Japan.

I've attached two photos of my much used TI-1035 for reference.

Keep up the great work.


January 9, 2011: Questions on TI-1500 calculator

Thanks for the tips on opening this calculator. I ended up replacing the NiCds in the calculator. The existing ones were extremely corroded.

I did the battery replacement and cleanup of corrosion without removing the charging connector. It sounds like it may take a lot of skill and /or patience to get it back in place once it is removed.

The calculator will work on battery power alone now. However, the first digit of the display appears to be inoperative. So this exercise might be chalked up as a learning experience for me.

Thanks for answering my email and for doing it so quickly. I appreciate it. I really enjoy looking at your website www.datamath.org. It is obvious that you have invested thousands of hours of your time in putting this website together. Thanks for providing such a valuable resource for the calculator collector.

Ron Edinger

February 11, 2011: Just to say thank you!


I would like just to say thank you for the marvellous website you have constructed during these years. I have enjoyed many hours just surfing through the different models, technologies, documents, etc.
It has been “the vademecum” for calc collectors (modestly, I am one). I am very interested both in HP and Ti calculators. TI models are relatively easy (and cheaper than HP) to find in Spain, as some of the Classic models were built in Madrid (Torrejón de Ardoz).
By the way, reciently I have aquired for peanuts a SR-56 and a 5050, both just dirty, but working, “in the box”, with all the extras: programming pad (SR56), manuals, charger, box, etc...I shall send you some photos and the serial number of the 56 in the next days.

Again thank you! and long life to the TI calcs!


Ignacio, Valencia, Spain

January 8, 2011: SR-56 serial number

Hi Joerg,

I stumbled upon your website when googling the term "TI SR-56", my (once) beloved calculator.

When I was 15-16 (around 1976-1977) I got my SR-56, and since then I have been a heavy user for 5 years or so.

Thank you for your website, it brings back some happy memories on all the time I passed with my SR-56, trying to teach it all kinds of tricks, some of them seemingly impossible but nevertheless accomplished.

You asked to report my serial number, to be entered into your database.

On the back of my SR-56 the serial number "A 16658" is stamped. I cannot find a datecode, but perhaps you can give me instructions as to where it is hidden?

gr. Tsjip

February 8, 2011: Thanks

Many thanks for publishing a pdf of the Texas TI-34 instruction manual. After many years I wanted to use mine again but of course, the instructions are lost. Really helpful being able to access your copy!




February 2, 2011: thanks for the BA-II manual - saved my bacon

 Need to change a few things – and your site had what I needed

Thanks again


December 19, 2010: my SR-52


I enjoy the Datamath Museum very much. Thank you.

I would like you to add my SR-52 to your database. I purchased it new in Minneapolis (USA) to replace a failed SR-11.

I also own a TI-59.

The serial number is SR-52 061959. The Date code is LTA3076.

Best Regards,

December 22, 2010: Datamath A022295

Hi Joerg

I have a Datamath v1 with the serial number as above. The battery compartment fits your right hand side picture. I don't really want to take off the screws to find out the chip details as the top 2 are painted white and it might strain them. I have the original charger too.

It still works just fine. I remember my father buying it for around £50 in 1972-3 which would have been a lot of money in Scotland in those days. We were only allowed to use it when he was in the room. I think it got a lot of use as the base metal plate is quite worn.

Let me know if you'd like photos of it. Congrats on a very informative website. Having just checked prices on ebay, I am surprised that a piece of computing history is available quite so cheaply....

Kind regards


December 4, 2010:

Subject: Thanks - TI-5048!

Thanks so much for posting this information, as I wondered today how old my machine was, as I bought it new after seeing one in a client's office.

I was inspired to check it out after reading an article in WIRED, which featured a 20-year old Sony calculator in Afghanistan, encased in a custom wooden cradle!!


Thanks for listening,


December 12, 2010:

Subject: Vintage Calculators


First, I love your website, thanks a bunch for putting out so much great information! I have been looking for a datasheet for the TI TMS0102 family chips and finally found something on your site.

Just to add to your great database of knowledge, I have a JCE Mark II with an IC TMS0103NC data code 22nd week of 1973. It is classic TI design all the way from display drivers to Kixon keyboard. The Advanced Electronics Mini Executive also uses a TMS0103.

~thanks again

November 2, 2010:

Subject: From a TI58/59 lover

Hi Joerg

Thank you for your wonderful site http://www.datamath.org
I am a lover of TI58/TI59 series and your site is really precious for me.

I would like to alert you to the link at PDF document "SAMPLING PLANS" on your page: http://www.datamath.org/Sci/WEDGE/PPX59.htm
I have clickked many times but my computer download the "SECURITIES" pdf document (not SAMPLING PLANS document).

Thank you very much for your work

Best regards


November 21, 2010:

Subject: Canon FC 43


I'm just emailing to say that i still have this Canon card FC 43 metric converter calculator and still love it!

I have it right here and still use it in an accounting course. I was given it by my engineer boyfriend nearly 30 yrs ago to help him calculate data for his thesis on laser light technology - back in the day.

Anyhow, it is in great shape and has only had the battery changed once. I use it in exams and it has never let me down.

I just wish I could clean up the case (original, opens to the right) as the plastic is scuffed.

Do you know where I could buy another case?

Anyhow, interesting site!


October 28, 2010:

Subject: Calculator UL code search: is there a trick?

Dear Joerg,

Thanks for your site on Datamath calculators... and much more. I especially found the Underwriters Laboratories technique to find out about older electronics very interesting. Do you know if there is a trick to getting Underwriter's Laboratories search to work? I tried but could not get it to find anything.

I went here: http://database.ul.com/cgi-bin/XYV/template/LISEXT/1FRAME/gfilenbr.html and tried E42662 - which was the number in your first example, but got not results. Might you have another search page that was working for you? I'd appreciate much if you could share it.

Happy computing!

- David

October 30, 2010:

Subject: TI-5317


I just bought this model at a thrift store - it prints in black and red, not one color as your webste suggests.
I should say.. thanks for the pdf manual. you had a manual for another model but they keys are the same - helped a lot!


October 3, 2010:

Subject: Thank You

Thank you

Grace in your site, I was able to identify a former(ancient) calculator SR11 V2 that I repaired. Ellle works very well.
Batteries were out of order as well as the cablage.


October 15, 2010:

Subject: Manual Availability for the TI-55-II


I was going to chuck my TI-55-II and I saw your nice website, so I can doodle around now with some simple programs. I think it is a standard TI-55-II. I hate those stupid little batteries, is all, wish it took AAA's.
Are there collections of simple programs for it?
I don't recall the Calculator Decision Making manual you refer to. It is avaialble as a pdf, that you are aware, obviously at Amazon online mayhaps.
Anyway, thanks for posting the info about this interesting calculator.


September 21, 2010:

Subject: TI-5021 Superview Manual

Thank you very much for the information you have collected on your website. With the manual I got from you, I can finally figure out how to use my TI-5021. I have recently discovered that I am fascinated by old calculators and I scour my local thrift store at least once a week for them. I may end up like the "cat lady", but with obsolete calculators. So far I have found:

TI-5021 Superview
Sharp ELSI MATE EL-220, mint condition
Sharp ELSI MATE EL-8130A, unused with original leather case, manual, unused note pad (with order form), and original batteries (corroded) Royal LCB841 checkbook calculator with case HP-15C with original case

Thanks again,

September 30, 2010:

Subject: SR-52 Database

Hi Joerg.

I recently purchased on eBay an SR-52 in excellent condition cosmetic and working condition (except that the motor can't pull the magnetic cards through). Your page requested serial number and date code information for your SR-52 database. The information on mine is

Serial Number: 6829819
Date Code: LTA 1477
Assembled in USA

The purchase also included the owner's manual and operating guide. Your page has a link to the PDF of the operating guide, but not a link to a PDF of an owner's manual. Are you missing that one, or would a PDF file be just too big for you to post? If don't have one but would like one, I can scan mine and send you a PDF. Just let me know the DPI resolution that works best for you.

Keep up the good work! I enjoy your web site.


September 1, 2010:


My question is, What is the meaning of the term "Date of introduction" as used within the data tables for individual calculators? Does this mean the date the calculator was manufactured and available for sale to the public?

If so, then what is the meaning of the term, "Date of manufacture"? Does this mean the date of manufacture of the individual calculator shown in the photo of the data table page?

For example the TI-34 version 5 has a "Date of introduction1996", yet a Date of Manufacture of "mth 05 year 1998".

I see numbers stamped on the back of calculators. I think you termed that a "Date code". I guess those are manufacturing dates? For example two I have here: TI-34 Multiview is stamped N-01 10C; TI-30XIIS is stamped K-0510M. Do these mean the first was manufactured in January 2010, and the second was manufactured in May 2010?

Thanks for your assistance. I thoroughly enjoyed your Museum. It is excellently laid out, easy to navigate, and contains wonderful information.

California, USA

September 18, 2010:Hallo Joerg,

Ich möchte ich Dir hiermit auch ein grosses Lob für Dein Datamath-Museum im WWW aussprechen. Es hat mir schon vielmals informativ geholfen. Ich kann mir vorstellen, was da an Arbeit drinsteckt, um all dieses Informationen zusammenzutragen. Normalerweise sammle ich ja die Rechner von HP, da ich aber langsam fast alle habe, lege ich mir z.Zt. auch ein paar Highlights von Texas Instruments zu, sowie einige Modelle von Aristo (Ich besitze ohnehin schon seit 1980 einen TI-59 mit PC-100C). Und jetzt interessieren mich auch noch ein paar RPN-Rechner anderer Hersteller, insbesonders aus den70er und 80er-Jahren, wobei ich ja nun auch bei Dir fündig wurde. Ich wünsche Dir noch alles Gute und viel Erfolg und Freude bei Ebay und mit dem Datamath-Museum.

Viele Grüsse aus Haan



September 17, 2010:

Subject: SR-51 addenda for DataMath page

Hi Joerg.

I read your article on the SR-51 and thought that this might be a helpful addition for more easily distinguishing the earlier and later models of the calculator. On the the earlier versions the cancel exponent entry label (above the EE key) has an overbar over the EE text. On the later models the label has a slanted line striking through the text.

Hopes this helps. Your Datamath web page is fantastic!


August 21, 2010:

Subject: TI-88


"I see one right in front of my desk - wanna buy it ?"
- At the left of mine, there is a pretty TI Programmable 57. Almost the same, no ? Wanna make a exchange ? :-))

More seriously, many thanks for your answer... Now, I know where I can see my dream : just five hundred kilometers to Paderborn !

And I'm happy to know that four of them are in real Museums (including yours !). They will be preserved for years and years, not like some French computers (Squale, Alcyane, SOE, some Goupil, usw...) for example !

And one more time, thanks for Datamath's site and collection : all that technological history would be lost, without people like you !

Best regards,


August 22, 2010:

Subject: Thanks for the Museum


We landed on your site looking up some Ti numbers from papers in file cabinet.

Wondering "What happened to . . .. or where's that one."

I found on your site the SR-10, my 22 yr old, said "Wow, Grandpa bought that for $150!"

Welcome to the US. I spent a couple years in Michigan, in the 70's.
Now in Utah. Been here yet?


Best to you and family


August 15, 2010:

Subject: Speak & Spell - Chinese Version


Lot of effort gone into it, scanning, documentation, presentation etc.

Your language usage in English is wonderful. Excellent presentation.

Interesting facts about the toy!.

Thanks and Regards, Rohit

August 21, 2010:

Subject: TI-60_US Manual Request

many thanks for the manual - delighted to have this calculator back in service after finding it again

July 28, 2010:

Subject: Longines Symphonette Electronic Calculator

Greetings Mr. Woerner,

I located your website and email through a BING search. You have an excellent website. I have a Longines Symphonette Electronic Calculator (serial: B1972) without the ac chord. I have attached two pictures and was wondering if you would be interested in it and/or what value this may have.

Your personal story is also very interesting. Like you, my mother and father came to the US from Germany (1949). They settled in Queens, New York City where I also lived until 5 years ago when my wife and I moved to Hicksville, Long Island.

Thank you for your time and I look foward to hearing from you.



August 15, 2010:

Subject: Item #130419056054 Instant payment received


I was hoping that this calculator sold tonight and I feel it's especially satisfying that you wound up buying it.

I'm a longtime fan of your website, referencing it frequently.

Thank you for the fast payment. I expect to get the mailing off by Tuesday, possibly tomorrow. If the postage is significantly less than that charged, I'll refund you via PayPal.

You might also note that I just listed a Casio 121-A calculator. As described, it doesn't work, but perhaps you'd be interested.

Howard Berger - 'emmyb'

July 25, 2010:

Subject: Datamath Version 1 information


Thank you for the very interesting site. Here is the information for my version 1 TI Datamath.

Serial Number: 2500-43822
Origin: USA
Datecode: 7241
Mold: middle
Owner: Wirerapper

Do you happen to know how many Datamath's were produced?


July 27, 2010:

Subject: Texas Instruments TI-1706 III


I was looking at the TI-1706 III on my desk and wondering how long I've had it so I did a Google and found your website posting. Twenty years is about right. Mine is still working just fine and I use it from time to time. I guess there are still a lot of them around. Thanks for having the information about it online.


July 13, 2010:

Subject: TI-66

Joe thanks for the article. I bought my T I when it was introduced and ordered my printer that day. I am a machinist and I looked at a kid I was helping this am, asked him when he was born. He said 1987. I realized it is time to quit. My TI-66 was older than him.

Kansas City

July 15, 2010:

Subject: TMC0501 disassembler


First I would like to congratulate for this great web site.
I have a TI-59 calculator than unfortunately is not working, so my idea is to build an emulator.
The first step is to understand the TMC0501 instruction set. I read the patent and wrote a python code to disassemble the hex code that is included in the last page (I know this is not the TI59 firmware). However I still do not understand most of the of the instructions.
If you are interested in this project or have more information that could help me about the instruction set I would be glad.

Best regards,

June 21, 2010:

Subject: Fan of your website

I just wanted to tell you how much I like your Datamath Calculator Museum. GREAT! Fabulous compilation of data and terrific photos. Now I have finally figured out what's going on with the various pink colors I have seen on ebay! (and know that I am looking for the Target pink with the 2 tones... not available of course!). Thanks. LOVED reading it.

July 11, 2010:

Subject: Question about my TI-30 III calculator

Dear Joerg,

I really enjoyed your website of the history of the TI-30. Good job. I have a question regarding my TI-30 III. I disassembled it to clean all the keys. Where the batteries are placed into the battery wells, there are conduction clips that fit into each well for purposes of transferring energy from the batteries to the computer. In addition, there are little circular (I believe plastic) rings that fit into the battery wells also. I don't know if the rings are to be placed on top of the conduction clips (between the clips and batteries) or if they should be placed below the conduction clips. If you know about the position of these little circular rings, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you Joerg!

from outside Chicago in a village called Gurnee, IL

May 25, 2010:

Subject: Rückmeldung http://www.datamath.org

ich habe die Seite http://www.datamath.org eben entdeckt und muss sagen:
Toll! Genial! Danke!
Schön, dass Du diese umfangreichen Informationen inkl. Detailfotos bereit stellst!
Hast Du die Rechner alle selber???

Schön auch, dass die Seite sehr aktuell ist -> z.B: TI Nspire.
Bitte lass diese Seite noch lange online. Dies ist eine historische Dokumentation.

Freundliche Grüße
J. Jochmann

June 21, 2010:

Subject: Texas Instruments TI-1795 +


I note that you have China as the origin of this calculator. Mine was purchased in the mid-80's and says 'Thailand' on the back.
(I just took it apart to clean it and noticed the battery space.) Still works like a charm, after surviving for over 20 years in my stained-glass studio and now is used as a back-up at home.
I don't know if you are still involved in the file, I can send you a photo of the back for confirmation.

Incidentally, when I separated the casing, all the buttons fell out. If it wasn't for your site.... re-cycle city.

Cliff Oswald

January 16, 2010:

Subject: Bug report

Hi there,

Great site! With plenty of info. Love it.

Just to mention the hyperlink about the optional full-sized QWERTY Keyboard on the TI-89 Titanium points to the HDD local page instead of the actual web page...


February 25, 2010:

Subject: SR-56 Serial Number


I have enjoyed your excellent and informative website as I revisit my calculator hobby from the 1970's. My first programmable was a TI SR-56 and I recently got one on eBay. Here are its numbers for your database:

SN:  088033
Code:  LTA 3076
Logo:  SR-56

Thank you.

Claus B.

November 17, 2009:

Subject: question on guidebook

Joerg -

Wow, that's great! Thanks so much. By the way, I really like your site.

It's funny how just seeing those calculators from days past brings back memories...


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hello -

I was referred to you by TI. I am looking for a PDF of a TI manual that was available for the original CBL, titled "Compatible Calculators Guidebook". I've found a Portuguese (!) version at http://smartdata.usbid.com

Would you by any chance have access to an English version of this manual?



November 28, 2009:

Subject: Adapter for TI-58

Hi Joerg,

First of all I would like to say I absolutely love your online museum, and I can't imagine how much time you must have put in it, and probably still do.

It's great to see the history of these old calculators. I'm glad that you make all the Texas Instruments information so easily accesible for people like me.

I have a technical question about the Texas Instruments adapters.

I bought some old TI calculators, of which a TI-1500 and a TI-58. Since I'm in Europe it's a pain to get the correct adapter for them.

On your site I see that the TI-58 needs a 3.3VAC adapter.

When I look in my TI-58 I see a bridge-rectifier, so I assume that the calculator changes the AC Voltage of 3.3 to a DC voltage of about 4V internally.

It's much easier to get a DC adapter with that kind of voltage. Am I right when I say that I can connect the 4VDC to the adapter pins of the TI-58 to let it work?

If so, does that apply to all TI calculators that need an AC voltage? Do they all have an internal rectifier?

Thanks and greetings,

Gerbrand, The Netherlands

September 17, 2009:

Subject: Item #180405908217 Instant payment received


You're welcome!  I had a LC61t waaaaay back when they were new, and loved it.  Unfortunately, the LCD screen deteriorates if the battery runs down.  My 1st LC61t had the lower half of the screen dead.  Since then I've been to your museum site many times drooling over the picture and narrative of the LC61t.  Is there another credit card sized calc/chrono currently on the market?

I missed out on a LC61t a number of months ago - I think you might have won that one on ebay.  I've also got another LC61t, but it's in rough shape, and also displaying LCD problems.

By any chance do you know how or where I could get the LCD replaced?

Best of luck on the online museum - it's a treasure - I remember my 1st SR-50A as a new physics student in 1975... those were expensive back then...  to my TI Business Analyst and TI-35 BA II, which I still use.  No rush on the shipping, I can wait.  Just please protect the Canon - I'd hate to have anything happen to it.

Thanks again... and best of luck!


October 21, 2009:

Subject: Texas Instruments SC-10 Scientific Calc

Hello Joerg

Very thankful for this opportunity and congratulations for the excellent site Datamath.

You are the best world´s reference in TI calculators.

Best regards


October 2, 2009:

Subject: TI-55-II

Dear Joerg,
I have one of these calculators and thanks to you and your work on the "Datamath Calclator Museum) web site I'm going to return it to use. I now know the battery types, but unfortunately, the old ones have been removed so I don't know which way to install them. The picture on page 17 of the manual you have provided appears as though the PLUS (+), or "smooth" side of the battery is TOWARD the removable cover. I am almost dead sure the pictorial shows this but hesitate because I'm afraid that reversed polarity would destroy the electronics. Please advise.
And thanks again for having this web page.

John Erickson

August 20, 2009:

Subject: TI-30 Stat Calculator


I just want to say thank you so much for posting the manual for the TI -30 Stat calculator!  I bought the TI-30 in 1988 so the manual is long gone, and now that I'm taking a stats course, I need to know how to use all those interesting buttons!

Also, it's running on the same battery that was in it when I bought it new in 1988.  Is that normal?


August 20, 2009:

Subject: Texas Instruments TI-30 SLR

RE: http://www.datamath.org/Sci/Slimline/TI-30SLR.htm

Hey! I still use my TI-30 SLR and need to brush up on functions.

I'm looking for a user manual for it and TI doesn't have one online.  They sent me to you.   Does an electronic version exist? Or are there other later TI's that work like this one and I can use their manual?  Thanks for the help!

Ruth Ann

August 10, 2009:

Subject: TI BA-II data map

Hello Joerg,

Thank you for posting the information and photo of the TI BA-II calculator, I purchased mine new as a college student I believe sometime in 1985 or 1986 and have used it nearly daily, if not weekly since that time.  It has the original batteries and I have worn the print off the keys so I was glad to have the photo in order to pen the function key information back on the calculator keys so that as I age, I can remember what the keys are for in the computation functions.

Kindly, Barbara Hubbard

August 18, 2009:

Subject: Texas Instruments BA-II Executive Business Analyst

Joerg - Thank you so much for getting back to me and also the attached file. I am in the mortgage business and I like to switch around on my calculators. I found this one recently in a thrift store. I put new batteries in it and it seems to work fine. Thanks again!

John A. Gregory

August 15, 2009:

Subject: TI-40 Solar

Recently acquired a [Texas Instruments Explorer Plus].  Made in Italy .  I would like to have instructions for it.

I found a picture of it on your site- THANK YOU!  However, no instructional/owners manual.  If you can add it, I would appreciate it- it has keys I am unfamiliar with.  Some ops appear to be similar to TI-34, which I downloaded from TI ED site.

Thanks- you have a very interesting site for a TI calculator fan!

John Boggess

August 10, 2009:

Subject: TI BA-II data map

Hello Joerg,

Thank you for posting the information and photo of the TI BA-II calculator, I purchased mine new as a college student I believe sometime in 1985 or 1986 and have used it nearly daily, if not weekly since that time.  It has the original batteries and I have worn the print off the keys so I was glad to have the photo in order to pen the function key information back on the calculator keys so that as I age, I can remember what the keys are for in the computation functions.

Kindly, Barbara Hubbard

July 14, 2009:

Subject: Galaxy 67


Just writing to say thanks for the Adobe document of the manual, without which my Galaxy 67 would have been difficult to master.

From, Richard Polley

June 23, 2009:

Subject: TI-60_US Manual Request


Can you send me a manual for the TI-60 Scientific Calculator?  I need it for an exam this week and I don't know how to use some features.



January 24, 2003:


Wow, what a great site.  Nice to see such a variety of machines.  I am really an HP fan, but my first couple of calculators were the SR-50A and the TI-57. 

I'd forgotten all about the TI-88.  What a pity it was cancelled.



January 24, 2003:

Just wantd to let you know that you have the best website on the internet about TI calculators. 

The information on Battery Packs and Chargers are very helpful and I have reffered to your restoration
techniques frequently. 

Thanks for taking the time to provide people with this great amount of knowledge.

Jesse Scott

January 24, 2003:

Just wanted to send you a quick note saying I really enjoyed browsing your web site with the extensive information on Texas Instruments calculators.

I purchased a TI-55 III for college circa 1986. I used it ALOT and at that time knew it well. Since then I have kept it using it for mundane tasks like balancing my checkbook, and converting measurements between metric & English units.

Recently I signed up for a beginning electronics class at a local community college. The professor suggested TI-36X. But after looking at that model and considering the subject matter, I intend to continue using the TI-55 III. It should be a conversation piece anyway!

I found your site through a Google search. I was looking to see if manuals for the old TI calculators were available. It appears they are not. It wasn't a large issue as I was pretty familiar with all of the functions I would need for my current class. But the good news is, after going into the depths of my storage bins, I found the manual for my TI-55 III! A little worn, but there at least.

The fact that I am still using this calculator and have been for the past 15 years, I think speaks well for the quality. Again I really enjoyed your web site, even if you do appear slightly obessessed. You must have a very
understanding wife and family. If you ever decide to open a museum I would make it  a must see if I ever do get to Europe.

-Paul Zerkel

January 25, 2003:

I just have a flash in my head :

I'm collecting TI too and actually have :
2 x TI-59 (one brand new in box), SR50, SR-51 II, TI-57, BA.

I often back visiting your DataMath web site for references & beleive that You have the best TI calculator's Web site & its collection in the world.

Congratulations & Thanks for sharing your precious informations,


March 22, 2004:

Recently I found myself reminicing about the toys I had growing up.  I was so pleased to find the TI site had exactly what I was looking for and then some.  I had completely forgotten about the Little Professor calculator I received in my stocking one year until I visited the datamath section.  I found it absolutely amazing and was very appreciative of the fact that you have sound clips from the original Speak & Spell, which again I remember playing with for hours.  So I wanted to say thank you for bringing back the memories and to ask you if you might know where I could find these products now.  Any information you have will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your time.

JoAnn Drake

March 25, 2004: 

Dear Sir:

My wife and I received an SR-50 calculator as a wedding present in 1975.  I am trying to refurbish it and I found a great deal of useful information on your datamath website. I appreciate it.

I am trying to locate a replacement for the AC9200 charger for this system. My local electronics store, Radio Shack, was very confused by the specifications for this charger. I would appreciate an answer to two questions:  

1)  Does the charger change 120V AC current to 8V AC current or 8V DC or, saying it in another way,  does the SR-50 require 8V AC current to recharge its batter?   It appears from the datamath web site that 8V AC current is needed.

2)  Where can I purchase a AC9200 or equivalent?

Are there any other suggestions you might have.

The physical condition of my SR-50 is good, however, I have not been able to operate it in years because the battery pack died.  The reconstruction of a BP1 battery pack on the Web site is very helpful.


Alan A. Schreier PhD

March 26, 2004: 

I want to compliment you on your very excellent site.  It has historical significance.  It is a source of important info, such as- how to rebuild a battery pack!  Unfortunately many of these excellent machines end up in a drawer due to bad batteries.  I have obtained several fine specimens along with bad battery packs which I will rebuild.  My first calc was a SR-51A for Engineering school (really wanted an HP-25) but the 51A proved to be a better tool.  I still have it in very good condition.  I have recently obtained several examples of the TI-59 Programmable and it seems that they tended to have problems with the card readers.  A section on servicing the card reader mechanism would be helpful.  Maybe I can contribute my own experiences.

Thanks again for providing this excellent reference!

Marty Boggan

March 29, 2004: 

Hallo Herr Woerner,

vielen Dank für die Informationen, die ich in Ihrem Calculator-Museum gefunden habe.
Nach der Reparatur des Battery-Packs für meinen TI 51-III von 1979 funktioniert dieser wieder einwandfrei.
Ansonsten bin ich total fasziniert von Ihrem Online- Museum.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Matthias Tonn

April 9, 2004: 


Just a note to tell you what a nice web site you have for such seemly obscure desktop items as calculators. I did a quick search on the web for my trusty TI-5015 and your site came up on top. Actually as the only site for vintage calculators. My calculator dates back to 1980, when I purchased it new as a close-out sale from a local ham radio flea market. Used every year since, this calculator never ever skips a beat, and just keeps on working fine. I have no plans on replacing it, nor do I see a suitable replacement for it made today, with its no-distraction lack of digital display and its nice desktop size, keys and functions that make it the perfect accounting calculator.

Best Regards

Bill Greeley

May 9, 2004: 

I just discovered the Datamath Calculator Museum site, and wanted to tell you how impressed I am with it. Great info on all those vintage TI calcs. I've used the site a lot when searching for calculators on Ebay to compare the features, battery packs, AC adapters, etc.

On the Product Manual page, you ask for suggestions about what manuals to add. I need manuals for the TI-55 and TI-57 (in English). I've looked on the official TI web site but can't find them. So, there's a suggestion...........

Thanks again for all your work on the Datamath site. Keep it up!

Guy Nelson

October 15, 2004:

Dear Mr. Joerg,

First I want to thank you for your fantastic work with gathering information about Texas Instruments  products. 

Even though  I work on Texas Instruments Customer support and have access to different data bases I use your site on a daily basis to find information. I just discovered a  small fault. The back up battery in the Voyage 200 is a CR1616 and not a CR2032.

Thanks again for a very good web site.

Malena Bohlin.

October 16, 2004:

Sehr geehrter Herr Woerner,

mein Name ist Steffen Schöler und ich habe hier einen TI-30 LCD, der mit n! :-) ) von meinem Schwiegervater zu liegen. Die Tasten sind nur noch sehr schwer zu bedienen. Der Taschenrechner stammt aus seiner Studienzeit und er hängt sehr an diesem Stück. Wir, meine Frau und ich, wollten Ihm eine Freude machen und ihn reparieren. Ich war schon beim Uhrenmacher und habe auch schon mit Herrn Marcus Bering von Texas Instruments gesprochen, doch keiner wußte wie man ihn öffnen kann. Herr Bering meinte, Sie seien einer der Wenigen, der mir da noch helfen könnte: Wie kann ich den Taschenrechner öffnen, ohne ihn kaputt zu machen, oder reparieren Sie auch Taschenrechner?

Über eine Antwort würde ich mich sehr freuen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Steffen Schöler

October 30, 2004:


I am an engineering student here in the USA. I found this site out of a personal interest. I always wondered how all the Texas Instruments calculators I use were related to older models and other interesting facts about them. Unfortunately TI's website provides minimal info. Just a cool thing to look at, your site is the most comprehensive site dedicated to calculators.  Personally I want to thank you for providing such a fine site on a subject that even though only a select few would be interested in, it is important nevertheless. 

I had just purchased a TI-36X Solar before going to you site, and it raised a little interest to me about what are the real physical difference between it and all the other calculators with identical cases, like the TI-30Xa, BA35 Solar, etc.  I bought the TI-36X even though I already have a TI-30X IIB, I wanted the extra functions of the TI-36 for my chemistry and science classes.  It is a little frustrating not having that 2-line display considering I am used to my TI-30X IIB and TI-86 and TI-89Ti graphing calculators.  I still need that pocket calculator like the 30X and 36X for some classes and labs.  Anyway, your site answered some of my technical questions about the circuits and stuff.  It is amazing the 36X I bought just now in 2004 is really the same as the 35X from 1991 nearly 14 years ago!

The log bug in the 36x I just bought was news to me.  Kinda freaky, we all just assume our calcs are pretty much perfectly correct but apparently that is not always the case.  Interesting information, something I would assume could cause problems for some people.  I know to watch out for it if I ever have to calculate the situations presented in the table.

Good site, hope you never shut it down, and I hope you keep it updated like you have thus far.  It is just neat to see the little technicalities behind the instruments we use all day everyday.


J. D. McGee

December 17, 2004:

Dear Joerg

Just came across your calculator museum and the page on the TI-35 solar. You may be interested to know that I still use this calculator almost every day since I bought it new about 1985/86. It has been 100% reliable.


Alvin Enns

December 17, 2004: 

Hallo Jörg,


Ist das eine geile Seite !!! Ich bin noch nie mit so vielen Informationen über Taschenrechner konfrontiert worden wie auf Deiner Seite. Vor allem ist die ganze Sache auch noch saumäßig interessant. Ich habe zwar nur einen Hand voll TIs aber ich bin seit 15 Minuten am lesen und am Unterschiede finden und muß mal zwischendurch die Info ablassen. 


Wirklich saugeile Seite !!!



March 10, 2005: 


You have a fantastic site, and a very useful resource.

Don't worry, I'm not trying to scrounge a link exchange! I have just obtained a TI Little Professor, mainly for my daughter to do a bit of arithmetic practice (using retro technology of course!). It is the 1982 UK model, and I was hoping to download the manual from your site, but the link doesn't work. 

Thanks again for providing a terrific and valuable site.


Bill Ayers

February 10, 2005: 

Hi Joerg:

I just want to thank you so much for maintaining this TI museum. 

I'm a CPA in New Jersey and the 18 year old extension of my right arm know as the" TI-5160" was beginning to die last month. As I'm sure you know, TI exited the desktop printing calculator market a few years ago. I wish I could find a old "new" one, but I was not having much luck hunting. I settled for a Canon from OfficeMax and was not happy with it's "feel" or any other ones out there in the current retail market.

After finding your site, I was able to identify some old model numbers from the late 90's that would suit me and searched the Internet for one, new or used.

I could not find the TI-5660 I wanted new, although oddly there are people fighting over used ones on Ebay! Can you believe it!

Eventually I found a "brand new" (old stock) TI-5640 (an LCD model made in Thailand) on Amazon that was not listed there a few weeks before.  Could you believe it was being sold by some company only a few miles away from my office.  It came yesterday and I was so thrilled I immediately ordered a second so I could put it in deep storage in case the new one ever fails. ( he's still got 2 units left!)

So thanks again.  I see that you are missing your TI-5640 photo on your website.  So the least I can do is e-mail you the photo if you'd like.  If your collecting I'll give you the link to where you can buy your own (good luck on the shipping to Germany).


Fred N Boehm, CPA

March 21, 2005:

Dear Mr. Joerg Woerner,

I recently visited your  DATAMATH CALCULATOR  MUSEUM webpage. What a fasinating page for someone who grew up in the 1980's. I wanted to know more about the  Texas Instruments Speak & Learn  Magic Wand. I was given one as a child, while it's not in the condition that it was in when I was five I would like to get a old memory out of it. I no longer have any books for it so I can't tell if it still works. It powers up with that pleasent greeting, but that is all I can get out of it. I originally had the Talking E.T. Wordbook infact I learned to spell my first word with it. If you have anymore information on this unit please write me back.


Otto Bismark

April 24, 2005:

Hi Joerg,

many thanks for information about cleaning!

To collect calculator i go into your museum and my referement was scientific calculator until ti 59.

In several cases i have more than one because not alvays quality is good for me. In the next days i will begin selection to obtain better result.

The best congratulations for the work you made in the years to collect a big mass of information about TI calculator. It is very great!!!!!!!


April 29, 2005:

Hello again Joerg,

I wanted to personally thank you for all the valuable information you've placed on your Datamath website.  Until recently, I hadn't needed to take advantage of it.

I bought a couple TI-55 calculators dirt cheap, not knowing whether they worked or not.  I'm generally an HP/RPN fan, but the ol' TI-55 is special to me because it's the first calculator I had in high school in the '70s.  It was stolen at college and I bought an HP-15C to replace it.

If only I had checked your website sooner - it would have saved me a lot of fiddling around with a multimeter and a power source, trying to divine the inner workings of the BP-7 battery pack.  The AC9132 adapter I have is toast, so being used to HP adapters I blithely soldiered on assuming the 5.7 volts output listed on its back was *DC*.  "Gee, that capacitor sure is getting warm on the little circuit board..."  Fortunately I didn't fry anything, and my brief experimentations determined that both TI-55's were operable.

Not having a proper adapter, I'll probably just install a 9V connector in each calculator and use disposable 9V batteries.  I'll watch out for the possibility that red=negative, as you've noted!


Doug Trader

April 30, 2005:

Hi there!

I was doing a google search in a frantic effort to locate a guidebook for my old calculator and happened across your site. I am amused to think this old thing is a collector now! The amazing thing is, it is still running on its original batteries!! Some of the buttons are worn off, so thanks for the picture posted to remind me.

Got any ideas on what kind of paint I can use to mark them again? I haven't used this calculator since college in 1988 and I've recently enrolled in school again and had to dig it out.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and that my old relic is still going. I may replace the batteries this weekend, it seems a little sluggish and I have a midterm on Wednesday - don't want to take any chances!



June 6, 2005:

Hi there!

Thanks a lot for putting a picture of the Texas Instruments TI-34 calculator on the web! Mine stopped to work after I passed it on to my daughter. I was a bit sad because there is no good replacement available these days (10+2 digits, works well in low light). So I took it apart and could indeed fix it. But I would not have been able to put the keys back in their right places if it hadn't been for your picture :-)

Best regards,
Beat Kappert, from Switzerland

June 27, 2005:

Speak & Spell: Datamath Calculator Museum

In jahrelanger Sammel- und Dokumentationsarbeit hat Jörg Wörner das Datamath Calculator Museum zusammengetragen. Hier werden hunderte Taschenrechner, von den ersten Texas Instruments Datamaths aus den ganz frühen 70er Jahren bis zum Mickey Mouse Rechner aus den 90ern, ausführlich vorgestellt.

Besonders spannend finde ich die Abteilung Texas Instruments Speech Products. Hier räumt Jörg nämlich ganz nebenbei mal mit ein paar Mythen der Popmusik auf:

Die von Kraftwerk auf dem Album Computerwelt / Computerworld verwendeten “Roboterstimmen” sind nicht etwa selbstgebastelt, sondern stammen aus dem Chip des TI Language Translators von 1980. Auch die Speak & Spell - Spielzeuge (Foto) haben Spuren in der Musik hinterlassen. Wie auf Gesamtkunstwek von Dopplereffekt finden sich auf unzähligen Electro-Releases Speak and Spell-Synthese-Samples. Und dass das Depeche Mode Debut Album von 1981 ebenfalls Speak and Spell heisst, ist wohl auch kein Zufall.

Glück auf! - Andreas sein Weblog.

June 5, 2005:

Super das Sie den Galaxy 40 so ausführlich bescheiben und noch ein Pdf zum downloaden haben. Ich nutze ihn regelmässig und besuche zurzeit eine höhere fachschule und muss noch einige zusätzliche anwendungen wissen, so kann mir ihre Seite zugute.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


September 1, 2005:


Klasse Site, herzlichen Glueckwunsch.


Dr Dirk Pilat, MRCGP
Central Medical
New Zealand

September 12, 2005:

Your speak and spell page simply rocks on toast!

Brough back some fond memories.


September 11, 2005:


I just wanted to thank you and Dennis Fortin for the procedure you provided the community with to replace a TI58 battery pack

I had found my quite old TI58C from high school digging up my stuff before moving and was quite sorried about its faulty crusty BP1A.

After digging thru a few cordless phone stores here in France I found at a Darty chain store a battery pack that could match (3.6v 600mA as ref T401/60AAS3BX from GP - www.cipa-gp.com).
I followed your procedure, took off its original tabs and solder my TI58 ones onto it, plugged it in, and it worked just fine... bringing me almost twenty years back at school!... memories ;)

Thanks a lot to both you and Dennis.

Best regards,

Richard Blanchet

September 14, 2005:

Hey, Joerg,

I found a TI-5008 (2nd edition) in a drawer, but the old Eveready (pre-Energizer) batteries had leaked all over the battery compartment.  I sent it in to Energizer, and they actually cleaned it up and got it going again!

Problem was: I had no idea where to find the thermal paper rolls for it.  It's no longer mentioned anywhere on the TI calculator site.  Then I Googled to your site and found the TI-5008 history pages.  So the real reason I'm writing is to thank you for the link to the PM paper company rolls.

Joel Knack

September 23, 2005:

Hello Jörg,

Your Web-Site relating to Calculator Museum is one of the very rare place where the PS-3600 DATA BANK is addressed.
I was very much interested by the useful information and data you bring about this Organiser and I have a further question :

Do you know were it would be possible to download the manual relating to this "PS-3600 DATA BANK".

Thank you in advance for your help.

Robert Giordano, from Belgium

November 3, 2005:

Hi Joerg,

sorry to read some ignoramuses have been abusing your images.

I have found your site an invaluable resource and inspiration, whilst indulging in a little Speak & Spell collecting of my own ;)

Kind Regards,


P.S Why are the German Sprechende Buddys so hard to find? 
Even on ebay.de LOL.

September 23, 2005:

Thank you and Texas instruments for the information on this product.  I have the Speak & Spell and Speak & Math I bought for my kids in the 80s and now my grandchildren will use them. I needed to find out which AC ADAPTOR was used with these products. Your site was given to me by Texas Instruments and was very useful in obtaining my answer.



December 19, 2005:

Hello, Joerg,

congratulations for your work supporting information about the golden era of the eletronic calculators.
For years I search the web looking for more information about the TI-59. 
My interest is first , repair my own TI-59 and further make some experiences like connect to a parallel 40 columns printer and show the "black beauty" to my childreen.
I don't know why Texas is so conservative about the TI-59 project. Nowadays they could release all the information like schematics and listings of  the libraries. Indeed, I don't know what exactly is the
policy of TI for this information.
I'm writting to you because I read in a forum (HP) that you have some more info and to ask your help.
There is a maintenance or repair or technical manual ? I heard rumors...
Do you know about? And the schematics?

I don't know if you feel comfortable, talking with a stranger...
I'm a electronic engineer, 46, married, brazilian, and hopping to hear from you about TI-59!
Thank you for your quality work, and for any help you can offer me.
Merry Christmas!!

Luis Caruso

January 20, 2006:

Dear Joerg,

I am writting to you on behalve of "The Wall Street Journal" and we are running the story about TI-2500 calculator and we found this one image on the page Datamath Calculator Museum and I am asking you if i would be able to use the image or if you have this big image - photograph in bigger format.

Thank you


January 22, 2006:

Hello Joerg

Thank you so much for the manual - and it has saved me a great deal of frustration.

Thank you

January 23, 2006:

Hi Joerg,

Thanks for posting the TI-34 manual. Hard to believe this is a "calculator museum". I still have one of these TI-34s in perfect working order -- long since lost the manual, so your site was a big help.


February 2, 2006:

Hi Joerg,

Thank you so very much for the calculator instructions. I'll print them and store them as a PDF file. What a splendid person you are! Have a good springtime.

Carolyn Jane Gillis

February 3, 2006:

Dear Joerg,

I’m the technical support from TI in Brazil. I have a customer needing TI-60_US Manual. Could you send me this manual?

My best regards,

Raphael Luchi
Technical Support - Semiconductors
Texas Instruments

February 17, 2006:

Hi Joerg

I was very interested to view your excellent website – fascinating!
I am the proud owner of a Texas Instruments 
TI-5035 II, which has been using the same ink roller since new, about 15 years ago!
It has reached the point where the printout is virtually invisible.  Do TI have a spares service, or would you have any idea where I could obtain a replacement roller in the UK?

Thanks in anticipation
Bob Boaden

February 8, 2006:

Dear Joerg Woerner:

I have a TI-31; it's a fine calculator, but I've long since lost the manual.  I knew I could use the TI-31 to convert from polar to rectangular coordinates, but couldn't recall how to do this.  I 'googled' "TI-31 manual" and found datamath.org and the TI-31 page.
Thank you very much for making the manual available on-line;  this is a great gift!

Charles L. Hall

February 9, 2006:

Good day Joerg,

I have to say your website is a lifesaver. I was just given a Texas Instruments TI-5640 calculator to use here at my work....it has been here quite awhile with no one using it.
I had no clue what all of the buttons were for. I found your website by searching on google and was amazed at how quickly & easily I found the guidebook...you saved the day. I couldn't even find anything on the manufactures website!!

Thanks again,

Jacqueline Clarke

March 25, 2006:

Dear Joerg,

Thanks for your BP1A accu pack repair hints! My SR-50A is back in life again! Excellent description of how to proceed when replacing the cells.

The SR-50A was my first scientific calculator that I used during my studies in the late 70s. So many memories...

And now it works again. Really great. Many thanks again!!!

Holger, Hamburg/Germany

March 25, 2006:

Good morning,

Thank you so very much for sending me this manual.

Now I can use this organizer after 10 years of it sitting in a drawer.

Have a great day!!
Meri M. Zaicos
Secretary - Construction Department

April 4, 2006:

I just wanted to say thanks. My father had a TI PS-2400 data bank I found while packing up the old house. (He passed away a couple years ago and we have now sold the old house) 

I could not find any info about this thing, TI dosen't even have any, and was going to just throw it away. Then I found your site and was so pleased. You even have the user guide! I know it is not worth any money and it is old school low tech but hey, waste not want not. Even if the kids just use it.

Anyway, thanks again!

Best wishes,
Chuck Ajemian

June 4, 2006:

Just wanted to offer my sincere thanks for your awesome webpages on TI battery packs.

Been trying to get a MBA model working after the battery pack failed by using a standard 9V battery. 

Never had any luck at all getting the calculator to work again... which baffled me until just by luck I noticed your comment about polarity anomalies on "some calculator models use the black wire as positive".

Your thoroughness saved the day.  My hat is off to you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

May 1, 2006:


here in the Netherlands on the 30th of april you find a lot of old stuff on huge flee markets in the centre of Amsterda, Utrecht and Rotterdam...
I came across an SR50a in beautiful conditions and a dead battery pack.

your article helped a lot.

between the description and what I had to do there was only one difference: I had to remove the plastic wrapper as the new pack would otherwise not fit in the BP1 housing.

again, thanks a lot.


June 14, 2006:

Thank you for putting manuals on line. TI website did not have my manual for my TI-34 and I did not want to go out an buy another calculator just because I forgot how to use it.
Thank you, your website was very helpful.


September  2, 2006:

Dear Joerg,

It 's always a great pleasure to visite your calculator site with huge amount of informations.
I'm refering to your site for introduction date of my collection.
I'm an occasional calculator collector living in Korea.
I'm writing you, as I discover that my Palmtronic 8M is of different color.
You can have a look on my blog.
But sorry as the pages are not in english...




September  12, 2006:

Hi,  I was browsing through the museum and came across the calculator I still use to this day, the TI-36 Solar.  This calculator has been going
strong for 20 years now, and its still as good as it was back then.  I must have bought it for my second year in High School (1986), and I'm still
using it as a hydrogeologist in my adult life.  This little calculator will run long after I'm gone, I'm sure.  Anyway, your museum is great!

Bill Lukash

February 3, 2006:

Great website……. 

I have always hoped to find a way of replacing or rebuilding a BP1a battery pac for my SR 52.

Thanks for all the great information and work placed into the site!    

Haile Macurdy

February 4, 2007:

Subject: BA-35 legacy manual, THX!

I just wanted to say how great this site is, as I was able to get the manual, that I had lost. TI referred me to your site!

Again thx!

Lonney Vogt

February 4, 2007:

Hello again,

I forgot to say: Thank you for maintaining such an interesting site! :)

All the best,


February 16, 2007:

Goede Dag, de Heer, Ik denk wij kort sommige jaren geleden correspondeerden. Op dat ogenblik, herinner ik aan het vertellen van u hoe prachtig en uitstekend uw datamathplaats is.
Ik gebruik het een om anderen op te leiden vooral mijn studenten (ik onderwijs part-time fysica bij een universiteit)
Één vraag die ik nu heb gehad: hebt u plannen om recente Ti-84 plus Uitgave op uw plaats te verzilveren te omvatten en? 
Ik zou aanbieden om u te helpen, maar ik ken veel over het nieuwe model niet behalve dat heeft het meer geheugen (opslag) en beter vertoningsscherm. Opnieuw, dank voor het uitstekende middel en de informatie over de vele prachtige calculators van Ti.

In vrede,

February 22, 2007:

I wanted to look up information on my trusty TI-35X, which serves my limited needs as a web site designer, and found your site, and not only got the manual that I wanted, but a wealth of other information as well about the calculator, it's history, chips, etc. Having my first degree in Classical Civilization (AKA - History in a dept separate from the History dept.), I'm always interested in history, especially 'anonymous' histories of the technical aspects of our lives - like the history of the bath, irrigation systems or the mechanization of death (slaughterhouses) - stuff like that.

Anyway, I exceptionally enjoyed your site, and the information on it.

Thank you for your work.

It was was greatly appreciated on this fine February morning in Austin Texas.


Jim Tom Polk

February 25, 2007:

Joerg - I must say - You made my day!!!  Thank you. The timing was outstanding and I had really not much optimism remaining as far as getting a TI-5038 Manual.

I'm somewhat compulsive-obsessive when it comes to having instructions for anything mechanical, electronic, or organic.  I truly believe when all else fails, read the book.  Actually, when possible, I read before starting with anything new.

Again, thank you for your efforts - what you do is very much appreciated.


February 25, 2007:

RE: http://www.datamath.org/Sci/Modern/TI-30Stat.htm

Thanks for the manual link !

I just replaced the batteries in my TI-30 Stat for the first time, and hopefully it will last another twenty years.

best regards,

Andrew Webb

March 30, 2007:


Thank you very much for making this site on the internet.

It was very helpful for me.

I needed to know what batteries i have to by for my TI 30.

Greetings from Annie in Holland.

June 10, 2007:


Your website is great. It's an invaluable calculator information resource. I just picked up the latest version of the venerable TI-30 the TI-30XS Multiview. It's great to see this further refinement of this class of calculator. When will you update your website to include this new version of the calculator?

What I would really like to see is for TI to release a modern non-graphing programmable calculator. The graphing calculator is also well past due for an overhaul. I'd like to see a brand new model incorporating a modern higher resolution LCD display, a fast RISC processor, and plenty of flash memory. Wireless connectivity would be nice as well. (Bluetooth anybody?)


Barry Reeves

June 10, 2007:

Subject: TI-60_US Manual Request

Please e-mail the English manual for the Texas Instruments TI-60 calculator if available.


Jim Risoli 


June 15, 2007:


Thank you VERY, VERY much. I have been searching for this for 2 years. It is greatly appreciated.

Jim Risoli


June 26, 2007:





August 15, 2007:

Hey there,

I enjoyed reading a lot of your TI calculator web museum.

Except maybe for the part where you mention that TI replaced TI 55-II's with TI 55-III's for free; I had 2 of the II's and then got one III that's still running; I paid for all 3.  Wish I knew I could have got a III for free.  :-)

Anyway, one thing I don't seem to see on the site is an explanation and description of the evolution of AOS over the years.  The RPN info at the HP calculator web site correctly explains that, on the TI calculators I'm used to, the single parameter functions (sin, cos, tan, ln, log, etc) are postfix. 

However, at some time TI must have changed this, as my kids' calculators no longer work this way.  I sheepishly admit I'm a bit lost using their calculators due to this. :-)

Just FYI, the list of calculators I've owned, ignoring 4-function & similar, would be something like this: TI-30 (+ rk(2?)), [played with a friends TI-55], TI-55 II (twice, going on after keyboard got too bouncy), TI-55 III, HP-48GX.  There may have been a LCD TI-3x in there that I don't recall; we have a couple of them, and I don't know if they're my wife's or mine.

On the keyboard bounce problem, often one of the first keys to go was the ON/C key, with the press once for clear entry, press twice for clear all functionality.  Clear entry was a dangerous operation, because if the key bounced you lost everything, not just the number you entered. 

I'm sure I'm not the only one who came up with the work-around of pressing the PI key instead?  It would replace the number you're entering with PI, and if you started to enter a different number, it would replace PI, and it would give the same results as a successful clear entry.

Thanks again for the memories!

Steve Wahl

July 14, 2007:

Subject: Geat Website

Was looking up info on an old calculator I've had for 30+  years but rarely used until recently - a Texas Instruments BA-Solar. I'm just realizing what a great calculator it is, and your website gave a really interesting history of this calculator. Many thanks & keep up the great work!!   

R. Bradford

July 25, 2007:

Subject: TI-60_US Manual Request

Dear Mr. Woerner,

Thank you so much for your prompt response. I really didn’t even expect that the site was still manned, so it was a really wonderful surprise to receive the PDF. Thanks again for your help!


Genny Dalton

August 31, 2007:

Subject: TI-1100

Dear Joerg,

I have checked your website http://www.datamath.org/BASIC/LCD_Modern/TI-1100_2.htm Good job with the info!

I own a TI-1100 which I bought back in 1985 (I think!). I have been using it regularly since then (22 years). The amazing part in the whole story is that I have never changed the battery!!! It works like the first time!!! Is this reasonable? Please give me your insight.



October 9, 2007:

Subject: TI-60_US Manual Request

Could you help me learn how to calculate and use the functions nPr and nCr?  I need to use them for my Stats class, but do not know which buttons to push. 

Thank you,



October 9, 2007:

Subject: TI-60_US Manual Request

Thank you so much!  You have helped me tremendously.

October 10, 2007:

Subject: Thank you!

Could you

Thanks for putting together the great site with the old TI calculator m manuals. I'm still using my TI-35X from junior high, and now that I'm taking graduate level statistics I can use it to help me to things like combinations and permutations (nCr, nPr).  I would've had no idea how to do them without use of the manual you provided on your website .



Robert Pickard

October 28, 2007:

Subject: manual for TI E-2000+

What a surprise;

Let's call it miracle, superpro, or ultimate database, who can tell...

A million thanks!

If I can help provide datas or devices to your datamath, I will; To start with, this calculator E-2002+ is yours, as soon as I replace it!

Just give me a postal address to send it to when is the time.

Thanks again,



November 11, 2007:

Subject: Thanks

After 20-years of daily faithful service, the ORIGINAL batteries in my TI-BA-II Business Analyst calculator died. After replacing them I couldn't remember how to set the number of decimal places (since I hadn't changed that function in nearly 20 years). If it wasn't for your web site, I may have had to replace the best calculator I've ever owned. Thanks for maintaining this data base of information.


Ken Cass

November 20, 2007:

Thank you so much for your article on the Texas Instruments BA-35.

We still use ours, but had lost the manual.  With your help, I found the manual and was able to figure out what was going on! 20 years, or so, and still working on the same battery.

Paula Nelson

December 5, 2007:

Thanks for posting on the Net all the info. on the Texas Instruments calculators.

I have a ti-36 Solar and I have lost the booklet. I have found one on your site.

Thanks again. Have a nice day.


November 22, 2007:

I came across your website linked from classroom solutions.

I just wanted to say, awesomely put together and very well done.  Good work!


January 22, 2008:

Subject: Your site

Just came from your site. It was great and just what I needed.

We have this TI Hot Calc calculator that surfaces every now and then around here. The decimal point is completely worn off, the minus sign is well on its way as are the 1 and 4. 0 is on it's way as well as fading/scraping marks are showing on the top row function buttons. 

This past year whenever I happened to pull it out, push the ON button and it worked, I was amazed and wondered just how old it was.

This morning I decided to try and find out. I started out searching the TI site to no avail. After several google search inputs I found your site. YIPPEE! There it was. I remembered being in Wal-mart purchasing this calculator for one of our daughters, but couldn't even come close to remembering what year. I guess I could have come close on paper after a lot of calculating this and that (LOL), but that would have taken forever.

Thanks to your diligence in cataloging these calculators, I found out that our Hot Calc will be 14 years old this year. I used it again just this morning to figure a book order amount for our youngest (16 yrs).

Over all, this is the best, cheapest, basic calculator I have ever purchased.



November 17, 2007:

Subject: Texas instrumenst TI-60


I have a texas instruments ti 60. In my class everyone has this very common casio and they always make jokes about my prehistoric calculator, but i really like my ti 60. The problem is that we are now doing permutations, and i dont know how to use do it on my calculator.

I press a number that is n and then i do second and equals button, and then i would expect to put r and press equals, but instead, at the point when i press the npr button, 1 shows on the display. I have no more ideas how to do it. It doesnt say in the manual either. I would very much appreciate your help.  Thank you in advance.

Micheal Klicnik






February 11, 2008:

Subject: TI-7000

My TI-7000 has been in constant use since I purchased it, probably in 1992. It fitted perfectly into my wallet, was protected by its vinyl cover, and I'm sadly searching for a similar replacement since the LCD display has become eccentric!  I love this calculator and was thrilled to see it described in my Google search. I'd love to find one in decent working condition, and it will probably outlast my eighty years!


February 16, 2008:

Subject: Business Analyst I


Thanks very much or your information on my Business Analyst calculator.  It does still work, I had just forgotten how to use it.  After reading the manual from your site it was easy!

That is an amazing site you have.  You must have spent a great deal of time compiling the entries.

Thanks again for the great help you gave me.  I sincerely appreciate it.  I used my Business Analyst when  I brokered real estate here in Houston in the late 70s.  It was a great boon to us real estate people as up to that time we had to calculate amortizations using factors to multiply times dollars.  With the touch of a few buttons we could tell how much a person could borrow or what the monthly payment would be on any loan.  I loved that little machine.



February 11, 2008:


Don't know if you recall, but I bought the User's Manual and Application Guide from you a few months ago for the TI Financial Investment Analyst.
In my mind, this is one of the finest and least appreciated calculators ever. There's nothing on the market today in the financial or business category that even comes close.


May 7, 2008:

Subject: TI-60_US Manual Request


Thank you for having the manuals available.  My wife works in a lab and they retired the calculator for a newer one and it’s becoming more obvious that I need one at my work but she does not have the manual.  Any info will be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you,


May 7, 2008:

Subject: Where can I find a workable TI-59C simulator on my Windows XP?

Dear Joerg

Thank you for your help, and hope that there will be more and more people get to know this amazing programmable calculator !

Do keep in touch

Kind regards

John Ho

May 20, 2008:

Subject: TI-1500 S/N 109708 still in use

I thought it might be of interest to you, that one of your TI-1500's was still in use.

It was purchased in the mid seventies, at the Broadway dept. store in West Covina Ca.

The charger no longer works, the on/off switch has intermittent contact problems, but it just keeps on chugging along. this is not a seldom used unit, but one that is used on a regular basis.

Congratulations to TI for such a fine piece of workmanship

Thank you,  Lee Bryant   

May 21, 2008:

Subject: Thank you

Dear Mr. Woerner,

Thank you very much for your wonderful Datamath museum. 

I especially enjoyed your reminiscence about your letter to TI about the broken IC in the dice circuit.  Today we often are oblivious to the ways little events can have big effects.

Best regards,


June 14, 2008:

Herr Woerner:

Thank you so much for your prompt attention to this auction.  I will leave you positive feedback as soon as the Galaxy 67 arrives.  

Thanks also for all the hard work you do at datamath.org. It is a wonderful resource for the TI collector.


Jesse Dodd

August 31, 2008:

Subject: The TI-5100 (circa 1976)


While I was doing some research (for personal interest) I came across your web-site page for the TI-5100.

I found it very interesting in respects to what I was "snooping" around for.

Your site has essentially answered my query, which is thus: what model of Texas Instrument's calculator was used in the 1977 movie "Damnation Alley" as a prop for their GPS system. I've included a screen shot I took of it as well for you to check out.

I'm reasonably confident from the colours of the product, and of the sample you are showing, that they are one and the same. While confident I am not 100% sure though.

I would be interested in knowing if you agree with me. If you could take the time to look at this screen shot I would appreciate it. For what ever it's worth, the reason I'm looking at this is that I am transferring this movie (a TV copied version) and I am putting it on to a home made DVD. Because I am a huge fan of this movie, I am attempting to create a DVD with today's style to it,. By this I mean I am putting on my own "Trivia" section, a "Biographies" section, and so forth. While not critical to my little home project I am still, none the less, curious to see what you think.

Thank you in advance for any time you may put in to this. And yes, I found your site to be really neat and interesting. Albeit a bit scary since it really dates me some what!


Kevin Gaus

September 01, 2008:

Subject: Speak & Spell Sample

Hi Joerg,

My name is Tracey & I work with a small record label based out of Atlanta .

Recently, we began a monthly podcast that features local music.  Since then, we've been working to create an intro for the show, but are missing one important element for us.

First, I would like to say thank you for posting the abc mp3.  It is extremely helpful to what we are needing.  Nothing a little cutting can't accomplish.  I was hoping, however, that if you have the time, you could pass one more sample on to me.  All I am missing at this point is the word "radio".  I've been searching all day to find a sample app that would let me do it myself, but there doesn't appear to be anything out there & I don't have access to a Speak & Spell myself. 

I know that's alot to ask someone whom I don't know, but desperate times...

Thank you again for the post!  And thank you for your time. 

Take care,

Tracey Anderson

September 03, 2008:

Subject: Thank you for your wonderful suite, which I discovered... Following a picture link from an ebay seller!!!

Although I agree with you 100% about copyright infringement and profiteering going on direct linking to your images on ebay auctions, I would have probably not found your great site had I not clicked that link to the pictures, so you see, this cloud does have a silver lining ;)

You are doing a great job and I am truly grateful for it. I've learned so much since I discovered your site, it has rekindled a desire to learn more about these machines and about math and sciences that I learned so long ago, at the dawn of these machines actually...

I remember my first calculator, it was a Commodore that could only do the 4 basic operations plus percentage, constant and one memory...

Those that could do sine, cosine and tangent were the equivalent of one man's weekly salary then!  There was such a wealth of different styles and types of calculators then, some with fluorescent displays, some with minuscule red leds with magnifying lenses... What a revolution it was, in a matter of just two years they went from desktop machines the size of a console (I had a physics professor who tried to get us interested in building one of these heathkits but it seemed so complicated for us who had never used a soldering gun before that the project never took off) to complete machines that fit in one hand... Those were the days of the moon exploration, we had such hopes for the future... So you can understand how these early calculators bring so many fond memories! I just wish I still had my first calculators... They would surely seem weird to most people now!!!

So, thank you for your care and dedication, keep up the good work, it is much appreciatred!

Chris in Canada

September 07, 2008:

Subject: Dataman


Just wanted to say thanks for posting the manual; In cleaning up found our children's old one - still works.


Dick Whalen


September 09, 2008:

Subject: Datamath Website

Wow!  I think that's a great website.  It has an easy-to-read layout, plenty of helpful specs., and interesting comments also. 

I looked up a TI-60 (1st run) and a TI-30 SLR.  Now I know how old they are, what they cost, and some fun factoids about each.

I am dismayed, however, to see your note about auctioneers and thieves.  I agree, what is so hard about sending a request-for-use email.  You've obviously put together a great website, great enough for them to link/copy, so what's so hard about some extra keystrokes?  That's too bad;  do keep up the stellar website, and I know where to go for the next "antique" I encounter.



September 30, 2008:

Subject: TI-35 Plus

Thank you for the manual download for the TI-35 Plus. I handed mine on to my son to use for class. It still works great. Can't remember the last time the battery was changed.

John Jensen

October 2, 2008:

Subject: TI-84 Plus Clear Case

Hi, I love your website (those old calculators are really cool).

I just noticed that you've forgotten something: the TI-84 Plus Clear.  It is packaged exactly the same as the TI-84 Plus, the only difference being that the case is clear.  I believe the hardware is exactly the same.  Unfortunately I am unable to include a picture but you can probably find better pictures on the Internet anyway.  Here's one: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/
Although the calculator itself is exactly the same, since you included all of the different colors of the TI-83 I figured I'd send you this one too.  I believe it's another Wal-Mart back-to-school promotion.  I think there was also a TI-84 Plus SE in blue, where the faceplate and the screen bezel were bright blue, but I couldn't find a picture of it.  Keep up the good work with the calculators!


October 4, 2008:

Subject: SR-56

Just wanted to give you details of 2 TIs that I just found in a boot sale:

TI SR-56 serial no 118822 LTA 3676 complete with box, sales receipt and all paperwork. Condition A

TI SR-40 serial no 2534291 LTA 3077 Condition A

Keep up the great work with your site.



October 7, 2008:

Subject: Website praise

Wonderful website keep it up thanks for the article about the ps-6200

Sent from my iPod

October 25, 2008:

Subject: Thanks

Your site calculators and ps6600 to save my life.

I want to be rich and for you 1000000 good man.

1000 000 Thanks for you…


November 2, 2008:

Subject: Texas Instruments Programmer II

Fantastic reference...I remember buying mine in NYC.


Kind regards,


November 8, 2008:

Subject:  TI SR-56

Your Datamath site is perfect... with many many very good informations, pictures etc about calculators...

I'm old computers, consoles and calculators collector from Croatia and also have full working Texas instruments SR-56 calculator.

I see you have a list of users of this calculator. My is assembled in Holland with lowest serial 9103776 and datecode 1476ACH.

Best regards

Tihomir Santek


November 8, 2008:

Subject:  Another SR56 owner comes forth

I saw your website and was glad to see there are other SR56 enthusiasts out there.   I purchased mine some time during my senior year (1976 to 1977).  It stayed with me all the way through Electrical Engineering Graduate School.   The next time I talk to my old college roommate, I'll ask him if he still has his SR56.   I still have the calculator today and it still works (I fired it up last night)!   I am also an avid Linux User and recently observed that one Distribution of Linux had an emulator for the TI-59.  

Here are the particulars about my calculator:

Serial Number:   177154      LTA 0677

This Unit DOES NOT have the wording 'Programmable'

I appreciate you adding me to your online database.  


David Ribera

November 9, 2008:

Subject:  Touch & Tell

Dear Mr. Woerner,

I found your site via a Google search and must say I never would have imagined someone would have went to such detail on this product, kudo's!

I have a unit complete with modules that was my daughters from what seems a lifetime ago and wish to auction it off on eBay.

My question:  I would like to know if I may have your permission to add a link to your site in my auction, for description purposes only, as the pdf files and descriptions that you've given are second to none.

I noticed the copyright at the bottom of your pages and wish to respect and honor that.

Thank you so much for your time and hopefully understanding.

By the way, my unit works great other than the Off feature doesn't work...ugh.  Took it apart but see no evidence of broken wires or such, all the modules work fine and the on button works, just the off button doesn't work.  Beings it's over 20 years old and used, I suppose it's to be expected.

Best regards,

Tom Terezakis

November 17, 2008:

Your website is very helpful and informative and is full of Interesting facts. Thanks For sharing it with us.


PS Why does www.datamath.net only show the This is the end of the Internet. Don't all your manual files link from there?


December 9, 2008:

Subject:  TI SR-50

Hi Joerg

Just wanted to thank you for posting the information to repair the battery pack on my beloved SR50.

I think I paid $225.00 for it in 1975, my first year in college.

The professors generally thought it was kind of like cheating at the time.

Eventually they compromised so that once you could prove profieicncy with the slide rule then you were allowed to use the calculator!

Anyway, even though it is still in perefect condition the battery had long ago given up the ghost.

I just retrofitted a circuit city battery pack per your instructions and voila...the amazing 33 year old machine lives again.

Thanks again for helping all us ancient geeks to restore our cherished toys.

Best Regards


December 10, 2008:

Subject: Another SR-56 Calculator


In my travels I picked up an SR-56 very good condition complete with battery charger.

The numbers ar as follows: Serial # 131819   and LTA 5176.

The unit even has with what appears to be an original (?) battery that holds a short time charge when unplugged!

Please note my original SR-56, which you have listed on your site is still in my posession and I am the original owner.

That original unit has serial # 067219 and and LTA 4176. I still have the original manual for this one with the purchase date of Jan 1977. (This calculator was bought for me by my aunt Rose for my Physics and Astronomy Classes at the University of Arizona .) 

For the record both of these calculators do not have the words Programable on the front cover. The back does state "Texas Instruments SR-56 electronic programable calculator."

Thank you for a wonderful site!!

Al Paslow

December 27, 2008:

Subject: Thanks

I just wanted to say thanks for providing info about the Little Professor. The instruction manual was very helpful.
I had one as a child (born in 1970) and loved it.
My son who is 6 has shown some talent in area of math and I remembered my Little Professor and thought it would be a great way to get him going.  I found a nice one on ebay for $24.99 which is more than it cost new according to your site but oh well.

January 7, 2009:

Subject: TI-60_US Manual Request


I ran across a TI-60 calculator in a desk drawer as I was cleaning out a space to work in our lab. I replaced the batteries and have it powered up, but I am hoping to obtain a complete user manual in English. I downloaded the Quick Reference and that has helped greatly.

Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Jeffrey Rockel

January 8, 2009:

Subject: Help identifying a calculator

Mr. Woerner,

This is strange but I was hoping you could help me track down a calculator I remember using around the mid-1990s time frame that was made by Texas Instruments.  I do not believe it was new at the time.

It had a silver-colored case; it may or may not have been metal, a tall LCD display and, the feature I most enjoyed, commas that would be inserted into the display where appropriate.  I do not remember for sure if it was solar-powered or not.  It did have a black or dark blue folding cover.  

After looking through the Basic Calculator section of your website I find that the TI-1766 III seems similar, but I don’t think it is it.  The buttons do not look the same and I just remember the display, buttons, solar cell (if equipped), etc. being very uniformly spaced.  The other feature that may narrow it down, as I said, is the comma feature and tall LCD display.

I don’t know if all the features I mentioned existed on a single calculator but I am very sure of the basic silver-color and commas.

Thank you,

Josiah Rojas

January 25, 2009:

Subject: TMC1503NL

Hi Joerg , bin grad verzweiffelt auf der Suche nach nem PINOUT für den TMC1503NL sowie den ( vermutlich DC/DC Wandler ) BP51C-4A von Texas .

Kannst mir da behilflich sein ?

Vielen Dank und Grüße


PS. Übrigens eine sehr interessante und schöne Seite , gratuliere. Wenn es nichts ausmacht wurde ich gern einen Link auf meiner Homepage setzen. Die alten LED Rechner ist mein neues Hobby geworden , drei hab ich schon die laufen : den TI-1200, den SR 50A und den SR55.

January 28, 2009:

Subject: great website

Great website.

I grew up using the Galaxy and TI-34!  I currently am using the TI-30X IIS and the Sharp EL-733A.

Keep up the good work!


February 17, 2009:

Subject: your calculator museum!

I love it!  I was googling the TI-1795 because I wanted to see if it was still being made, and lo and behold I ran into your website!  I had a blast looking at the calculators--especially the educational ones, as I used to have one as a child (and now have no idea where mine went---wahhh!)

I love your website!  I hope you get a lot of fan mail on a regular basis because it is people like you who make the web a fantastic place to be!

Keep up the great work!

I'm bookmarking your site!

Victoria K.

Boston MA

March 19, 2009:

Subject: Dickes Lob !

Hallo Jörg,

man googelt mit dem Ziel mal ein bißchen was über alte Taschenrechner zu finden und dann lande ich auf Deiner Seite.Was mir da zuteil wurde hat mir fast die Sprache verschlagen.

Eine solch Top recherchierte und informative Seite zum Thema hätte ich nicht erwartet.

Äußerst interessant finde ich auch die Pics vom Innenleben der Rechner, ja oft sogar verschiedener Revisionen.

Eine tolle Arbeit die Du da abgeliefert hast.Die Seite ist sofort in meine Lesezeichen unter Retro-Technik gewandert.

Wünsche Dir und Deiner Familie sowohl privat wie auch beruflich alles Gute und nochmals Danke für die tollen Infos!

Grüße aus NRW


March 19, 2009:

Subject: TI-30III

Hi Joerg

Great website. I was looking for a manual for my TI-30III ( Italy ) and came across your site..really interesting.
I bought my TI-30III in about 1985 and still use it.... Great Calculator.. suppose I should get a modern one really but I feel at ease with this one.
Any idea where I could get a manual for this model?

Best wishes




March 20, 2009:

Subject: RE: TI-30II

Hi Joerg

I missed the download page as I came into your site on a different page. The site is even better now!!

Many thanks


March 19, 2009:

Subject: Perfect

Dear datamath-calculator-museum,

Greetings, I love your datamath website. Truly a great place to learn about these wonderful machines. Thank you for the work you have put into it!

Kind regards, Al

March 29, 2009:

Subject: Calculator - Toshiba SLC-8260\

Dear Joerg,

I found your website when looking for details of the above calculator.

I was given this by a Japanese friend, Prof Yoshio Nishi, when he first visited me in England . At the time he was a semiconductor scientist working at Toshiba, and I suspect these calculators had only just been introduced. I’ve been using this almost daily since the day I was given it, and it has great sentimental value to me. I still have the original instruction book and box.

My friend now has a senior academic position at Stanford University , and we’re still in regular contact.

Thank you for such a useful site.



March 29, 2009:

Subject: Texas Instruments BA-II Calculator

Dear sir:

I came across your website by accident during my search for information on an old BA-II calculator that my wife has.

Recently, when she tried turning on the calculator, the unit did not respond, so my first reaction was to replace the batteries.

That worked, but when it was turned on, the decimal point seems to have disappeared, and the display looks like it rounds the results to whole numbers.

Is it possible that you might be able to provide information on how to set-up the display to show either a specified fixed number of places or even a floating decimal??

I have searched all over the web, and have thus-far been unable to find any user information on the BA-II.

I would love to be able to download the owner’s manual, but I’m afraid that that is another elusive item for this antique.

Any assistance or direction that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Regards,   Jeff S.



Here we are: http://www.datamath.net/Manuals/BusinessAnalyst-II_US.pdf





Thank you very much!!!

Your link gave me all that I need.

I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

For your information, I am in Tucson , Arizona , USA .

Out of curiosity, where are you located?

Thank you again,   Jeff

April 03, 2009:

Subject: PC-100A together with TI-59exTa

Dear Joerg

I have recenty purchased a Texas Instruments TI-59 calculator securely fixed with a PC-100A printer. Unfortunately I don't have the key to unlock the device.

Do you have any experience with the keys, the lock and unlocking without the original key.

Everything works like a charm and the calculator is in the best shape. I would however very much like to be able to lock/unlock like it's supposed to.

The Texas Instruments customer support directed me to your website. I hope that it's not too much of a bother.

Kind Regards



May 24, 2009:

Subject: TI-34 instruction manual

Dear Joerg,

Thank you for establishing this website!  Even though it would have cost me about $11 to buy a ti 30 xa, and replace my still functioning ti 34 from 1990's, finding the instruction manual on your website helped me work my old one for school (college chemistry).  I don't mean to sound cheap, just thrifty, but I just couldn't bring myself to dispose of it, knowing that only if I could find the instruction manual then I can use it again for class.  And then your website came up on my search engine!

So thanks again.  I will certainly pass on your websites address to my friends, b/c my thinking is when you have good thing, like the ti scientific calculators, why upgrade?  The older version of ti 34 has not failed up till now, even the batteries are still the original ones! I am a true and committed consumer of ti calcualtors and now a client of your website!

God bless,

R.B. in Rochester , NY

May 01, 2009:

Subject: Avstar


I want to thank you for your web site it brought back a great deal of memories..   At the time of the Avstar introduction by Jeppesen Sanderson,  I was a warehousemen for a Company named Cooper Airmotive at  the Philadelphia Branch…  
At the time The Reading Air Show was one of the most popular events in the World

It was around the same time of the Paris air show..  Jeppesen was rushing the product to get it to debut at the show…  Since I was the only active pilot at the time at Cooper Airmotive (a Jeppesen distributor) they shipped one overnight to my home for a Friday as I was scheduled to work the Cooper Booth that Weekend…  I had to learn how to use the computer overnight … 

I demo’ d and introduced the first Avstar in the US at the Reading Air show 79/80 for two straight days non stop

Later Cooper Airmotive became Aviall



May 11, 2009:

Subject: Question about TI-30x's

Hi Joerg, 

I was just on your incredible website.  I am trying to solve a problem concerning which model of a calculator I used a couple of weeks ago.  I wish I would have written down the model no.  I won't go into the details as to why I am doing this detective work, but here are my questions:

Do the TI-30X iib's work in a different way from the older models, such as the 30x, 30xa, xs and iis?

In other words, do you have to enter your data in a different sequence from the older models, and do you have to hit the secondary function key in order to use certain functions, such as log, etc?  I found this made it a little more inconvenient to use.  

I can't remember exactly which functions required that you had to excess via the secondary function key on this mystery calculator I was using.  I do remember that inorder to enter something like scientific notation such as 1 x 10 to the minus 3, instead of entering the minus after the 3 on my old 30xa, I had to enter it before the 3.  

I have a 30xa, and this newer looking calculator that I had to use worked in a very different manner from my old one.  Also, it was a rather nice blue color with a gray cover and had that curvy looking style, where it had a smaller width in the middle than on the ends; sort of resembled the female physique so to speak.  

Also, do you suppose I was using a 34x and not a 30x?  Probably not?  

Also, I could have sworn it had a c in the model name, but I have been on-line looking around, and haven't been able to find a TI calc. with a c in the name.  Or do you know if they have come out with a TI-30xiic?

Also, do you now if the 30x models with the multiview operate in this different manner from the ones without the multiview? Maybe this is where the difference lies??  Also, do you know when TI began using this newer different way of operation?  Between which models did this occur perhaps?  

Thank you for your time,

R. Wiser

May 16, 2009:

Subject: TI-36X

Dear Joerg

I was the proud owner of a TI-36X solar which had served me well, alongside my Hewlett Packard 42S model. I've used them until my 36X broke after a fall during my PhD. I even forgot its model, until I googled it today (guess I'm getting old). Many thanks for helping me remember my old trusty calculator.



Dr. Jose M. Bielza



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