Texas Instruments TI-2130

Date of introduction:  1984 Display technology:  LCD
New price:   Display size:  8
Size:  5.4" x 4.7" x 0.25"
 136 x 120 x 7 mm3
Weight:  3.6 ounces, 103 grams Serial No:  
Batteries:  n.a. Date of manufacture:  mth 09 year 1985
AC-Adapter:   Origin of manufacture:  Taiwan (I)
Precision:  8 Integrated circuits:  Toshiba T6853BU
Memories:  1    
Program steps:   Courtesy of:  Ken Meine

Texas Instruments introduced this interesting TI-2130 with a foldable housing already in 1984.

This approach results in a calculator with the size of a small pocket calculator yet sporting a keyboard like a desktop calculator.

Dismantling this TI-2130 manufactured in September 1985 by Inventec Corporation in Taiwan reveals a very interesting approach. Please notice the hinges between the two parts of the housing and the flexible electrical connection hidden by a black tape between the two printed circuit boards (PCBs). The later TI-1775 makes use of a much simpler construction.

Inspecting the PCB of this TI-2130 calculator brought our attention to a small mark reading O810-02B, we spotted this PCB-Mark already with its near a identical offspring Technico F-800, too. We disassembled the Technico F-800 completely to locate a second small PCB-Mark IO800-02D on one of its PCBs, helping to solve a puzzle.

IO800 obviously refers to Technico (the calculator brand of Inventa Electronics Corporation of Taipei, Taiwan) F-800, while other calculators manufactured by Inventec Corporation like the TI-1775 sport a PCB-Mark like IOTI1775-21A.

IOXXX: Original Inventec design - brand labeled for Texas Instruments and other companies
IOTIXXX or IOBAXXX: Inventec design exclusively for Texas instruments

We started compiling a list of the PCB-Marks on calculators manufactured by OEMs for Texas Instruments.

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