Texas Instruments TI-Nspire CM-C

Date of introduction:  October 2011 Display technology:  LCD dot matrix
 16-bit color, backlit
New price:   Display size:  240 * 320 pixels 
Size:  7.5" x 3.4" x 0.65"
 190 x 87 x 16 mm3
Weight:  8.5 ounces, 204 grams Serial No:  2018000221 
Batteries:  3.7L0800SP Li-Ion Date of manufacture:  mth 09 year 2011
AC-Adapter:   Origin of manufacture:  China (P)
Precision:  14 Integrated circuits:  CPU: ET-LC2010B-0 (T6UJ1XBG-0002)
 SDRAM and Flash MCP: Samsung K511F57ACC
Program steps:  32M Bytes, 100M Bytes Flash ROM Courtesy of:  Xavier Andréani

Texas Instruments introduced at the 2011 T3 International Conference held on February 25-27 in San Antonio, TX with the TI-Nspire CX and TI-Nspire CX CAS their first graphing calculators with full color, backlit displays.

This TI-Nspire CM-C was introduced in October 2011 for the Chinese market and sports not only cosmetic differences but differs from the technology, too:

Flash-ROM reduced from 64M Bytes to 32M Bytes.
Battery with lower capacity.

No Press-to-Test LED indicator.
No network adapter port.
No docking connector for Navigator Wireless Cradles, Lab Stations and Docking stations.

Dismantling this TI-Nspire CM-C manufactured in September 2011 by Inventec Corporation in its Pudong Campus in Shanghai, China reveals a design similar to the original TI-Nspire CX centered around a tiny System-on-Chip. Learn more about the Hardware Architecture of TI’s Graphing Calculators.

Processor: The ARM9 CPU is integrated into an ASIC with the markings ET-LC2010B-0 (T6UJ1XBG-0002), obviously from Toshiba, Japan. The ARM9 core is clocked with 132 MHz compared to the 90 MHz of the previous TI-Nspire. Learn more about the Hardware Architecture of TI’s Graphing Calculators. Based on observations from the original TI-Nspire and the recently discovered Revision W (NSC CR IV), we assume that the ASIC incorporates a ROM with a capacity of 128k Bytes used for the first-stage bootloader ("Boot 1") and a SRAM with a capacity of 128k Bytes.

Both the NAND Flash-ROM and the SDRAM with are integrated into a Multichip Package with the part designation Samsung K511F57ACC-B075. Deciphering the part number reveals the capacity of the Flash-ROM (128M Bytes) and SDRAM (16M x 16 bits):

Product Family K5 = Samsung MCP (2 chips)
Device Type 1 = NAND Flash Rom + Mobile SDR
NAND Flash Density, Organization 1F = 1 Gbit, x8
RAM Density, Organization 57 = 256 Mbit, x16
Operating Voltage A = 1.8V NAND, 1.8V DRAM
Flash Block Architecture C = Uniform block
Version C = 4th Generation
Package Type B = FBGA
NAND Flash Speed 0 = None
RAM Speed 75 = 7.5 ns (133MHz@CL3)

Don't miss the early prototype of the TI-Nspire CM-C labeled TI-Nspire CM (Chinese Language).


TI-Nspire CM-C (September 2011)
Boot1 Code Version: 3.0.99
Boot2 Code Version:

You can check the ROM version of your TI-Nspire CM-C using the following key sequence and reading the number on your screen:

[HOME] [5] [4] (3.0)

Information provided by Xavier Andréani.

Exam acceptance:

Since the TI-Nspire CM-C lacks a QWERTY keyboard it is permitted (as of May 30, 2013) for use on SAT, ACT, PSAT and AP exams.


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