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This service is provided by the Datamath Calculator Museum to enable collectors and users of vintage calculators to have access to the technical information which will help them understand how it was intended to function, and make it operational again.

We reserves the right to withdraw the service at any time - without notice. New files will be added to the site as time permits, but please remember that scanning large manuals takes a lot of time, which is given voluntarily, so please be patient.

If there is any particular manual you would like to see available here, please let us know, we will add it if and when possible. Also, if you have any manuals that you would be prepared to loan so we can make it available to others, this would be appreciated.

Manuals of elder non-TI calculators are provided by Katherine Wasserman 

QUICK-LINK to Texas Instruments Sales Catalogs, Leaflets and Bulletins.

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Commodore presents its newest and finest collection of specialized calculators ...

Covered Products

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Commodore N-60

1976 US Download 4.3 C76_US.pdf

Mit dem S-TRAINER leichter lernen

Covered Products

© of Manual Language Download File size (MByte) File name


1980 DE Download 2.3 S-Trainer_DE.pdf

TEAL Photon Solar Leaflet

Covered Products

© of Manual Language Download File size (MByte) File name

TEAL Photon

1978 US Download 0.6 Teal_Photon_LF


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