Texas Instruments Teddy Touch & Tell

Date of introduction:  1993 Display technology:  n.a.
New price:  $38.25 (1992)
 Libraries: $17.95
Display size:  
Size:  13.5" x 12.0" x 3.7"    
Weight:  2 pounds 5 ounces Serial No:  
Batteries:  4*AA cells Date of manufacture:  wk 32 year 1993
AC-Adapter:   Origin of manufacture:  USA
Precision:   Integrated circuits:  TSP50C11 (CSM11163)
Program steps:   Courtesy of:  Joerg Woerner
    Download manuals:    (US: 1.0M Bytes)
  (US: 0.7M Bytes)
  (US: 0.8M Bytes)

TeddyTouchnTell_Back.jpg (226782 Byte)The cute Teddy Touch & Tell continues the ideas of the previous Touch & Tell and the wonderful Touch & Discover. The idea of the product is simple: Switch the game on and wait for the instruction. The only thing you need is your fingertip.

This educational toys addresses children aged 2-5 years and introduces the Alphabet, Numbers, Colors, Animals, Music and a lot of other interesting things with a friendly voice.

TeddyTouchnTell_PCB.jpg (281890 Byte)Dismantling this Teddy Touch & Tell manufactured in August 1993 by Texas Instruments in the United States reveals a technology very similar to the various Touch & Talkies and even simpler than the previous Touch & Discover.

TeddyTouchnTell_PCB_IC.jpg (211640 Byte)The design of the Teddy Touch & Tell is centered around a TSP50C11 Voice Synthesis Processor (VSP) and makes use of just two Integrated Circuits:

TSP50C11/CSM11163: TSP50C50 VSP (Voice Synthesis Processor) with 8-bit microcontroller and 16k Bytes Mask ROM for both program and voice and 128 Bytes + 16 Nibbles RAM
74HC138: 3-to-8 Decoder/Demultiplexer to scan the keyboard

The Teddy Touch & Tell uses exchangeable speech ROMs in an expansion port. This gives you access to other game-pictures than the provided Bluish Purple ones. Three different color-coded Teddy Touch & Tell Cartridges are known : Green, Blue, and Reddish Purple. 
(Info provided by Hallvard Tangeraas, Norway - Thanks!)

Color-Code Cartridge, Decription Module Overlays
Bluish Purple
4 activity cards
Teddy Touch & Tell unit
Play a tune/Clothes
(US: 3.0M Bytes)
5 activity cards
Teddy's Word Friends
Alphabet A to E/Alphabet F to J
Alphabet K to P/Alphabet Q to T
Alphabet U to Z/Rhyme time
Word spell I/Word spell II
What comes next I/What comes next II
TTT_WF_Module.jpg (46795 Byte)
(US: 3.5M Bytes)
5 activity cards
Teddy's Animal Friends
Silly sentences I/Silly sentences II
Forest animals/Ocean animals
Jungle animals/Polar animals
Domestic animals/Farm animals
Animal song/Make an animal
TTT_AF_Module.jpg (53811 Byte)
(US: 6.0M Bytes)
Reddish Purple
5 activity cards
Teddy's Number Friends
Numbers 1 to 4/Numbers 5 to 8
Numbers 9 to 12/Numbers 13 to 16
Numbers 17 to 20/How many
Subtraction I/Subtraction II
Addition I/Addition II
TTT_NF_Module.jpg (53198 Byte)
(US: 3.4M Bytes)

In Germany this toy was sold as "Teddy, der sprechende Bär" (Teddy - The Speaking Bear) and in France as "Le Petit Ours Magique" (The Small Magic Bear) with adopted voices.

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