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DALLAS and WEILHEIM (September 21, 2002) „To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the wonderful TI-2500 Datamath™ calculator the Datamath Calculator Museum gives you one as a present!

Compared to the old-fashioned original calculator this Windows™ compatible Datamath Commemorative replaces the 4-bit single-chip calculator circuit with Pentium™ power, lacks the acid NiCd rechargeable batteries and features even an Online-Manual.“
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The Datamath Commemorative Calculator was realized in a cooperation between the Datamath Calculator Museum and Kirk B. Muri. In the past months we received a lot of positive feedback from enthusiastic users all over the world. Motivated by this success we decided to continue the approach of Windows™ compatible calculators emulating the most important Texas Instruments products. 


In a first step we improved the original Datamath software emulator to replace the standard Windows™ calculator and added the skins of both the green Longines Symphonette Electronic calculator and the rare white Pre-series Datamath manufactured already in June, 1972.

The next steps will introduce the so-called Smithsonian Collection of Texas Instruments calculators.

Within the History of Integrated Circuit Technology of the National Museum of American History a special section traces the infancy and growth of integrated circuit technology at Texas Instruments. The collection covers the most important calculators using TI’s MOS/LSI technology including the SR-10, SR-50, SR-52, TI-59, TI-1500, TI-2500 and TI-2550.  


Downloading the Files

Just select which calculator you would use on your PC-compatible computer from the lists below.  

Texas Instruments calculators provided by the Datamath Calculator Museum

Emulated Calculator

Link to Download Page Owner Latest Version Original Release

sr-50.jpg (38175 Byte)

SR-50 Download Page Kirk B. Muri
Joerg Woerner
1.50a January 15, 2004

TI-2500-V0.jpg (32779 Byte)

TI-2500 Pre-series Download Page Kirk B. Muri
Joerg Woerner
2.0a November 22, 2003
TI-2500-V1.jpg (33056 Byte) TI-2500 Version 1 Download Page Kirk B. Muri
Joerg Woerner
2.0 September 21, 2002
Longines_V1_g.jpg (31328 Byte) Longines Symphonette Electronic Calculator Download Page Kirk B. Muri
Joerg Woerner
2.0L November 22, 2003

Other Texas Instruments calculators on the Internet for free download

Emulated Calculator

Link to Download Page




ti-30.jpg (46899 Byte)

TI-30 Friedemann Seebass, Germany 536 C++ classes

ti-59.jpg (48317 Byte)

TI-59 Gemtree Software, s.r.o, Czech Republic 429 Help texts are only in Czech language
TI-95 Procalc HrastProgrammer 262   

Texas Instruments Calculator-Chip Simulators

Emulated Calculator

Link to Page



Ken Shirriff, United States JavaScript TMS0803

Ken Shirriff, United States JavaScript TMC0805


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