Clementoni Educationals

Clementoni ( is a big Italian children goods firm. They distributed in the 80s some Texas Instruments educational products. Up to now we discovered 6 different Texas Instruments products with the Clementoni logo. The following table compares the original products and the Clementoni version.

A small brochure of Clementoni could be downloaded here.  (IT: 0.5M Bytes)

Texas Instruments products distributed in Italy by Clementoni Educationals

Texas Instruments

Clementoni Differences
MathMarvel_Speak.jpg (44601 Byte) Maths marvel DottoContaparla.jpg (85281 Byte) Dotto Conta-Parla Design
MathStar.jpg (57694 Byte) Math Star Pitagora.jpg (69219 Byte) Pitagora Design
SpeaknSpell_2.jpg (83758 Byte) Speak & Spell GrilloParlante.jpg (86197 Byte) Grillo Parlante Speech-ROM, Design
TouchnTell.jpg (58026 Byte) Touch & Tell LibroParlante.jpg (58595 Byte) Libro Parlante Speech-ROM
TouchnDiscover.jpg (101448 Byte) Touch & Discover Super Libro Parlante Speech-ROM, Design
SpeaknMusic.jpg (79577 Byte) Speak & Music GrilloFonillo.jpg (109275 Byte) Fonillo Suonaparla Speech-ROM, Design

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