Garrett 2002

Date of introduction:  1972 Display technology:  Panaplex II
New price:  $149.50 Display size:  8
Size:  10.0" x 5.5" x 2.25"    
Weight:  2 pound 8 ounces Serial No:  009221
Batteries:   Date of manufacture:  year 1973
AC-Adapter:  115 V Origin of manufacture:  USA
Precision:  8 Integrated circuits:  National Semiconductor MM5724, MM5317
Program steps:   Courtesy of:  Joerg Woerner

This early calculator-clock combo was manufactured early in 1973 by Garrett Comtronics Corporation of San Diego, CA. A subsidary of the Garrett Corporation, one of the Signal Companies.

Garrett-2002_1.jpg (133827 Byte)Removing the wonderful wooden shell of the calculator reveals a high sophisticated construction with a stack of two printed circuit boards (PCB's). The display is a standard Panaplex™ II type driven by discrete transistors. The switches and keys are high quality types.

Garrett-2002_PCB.jpg (126155 Byte)Below the keyboard assembly we'll notice immediately the famous National Semiconductor MM5317 single-chip clock circuit instead the Mostek MK5017 and MM5314 found in the Corvus 305 resp. TI-3510. The calculator circuit is an uncommon MM5724, probably a customized circuit.

Garrett-2002_2.jpg (118941 Byte)The back side of the calculator demonstrates the easy setting of Time, Date, Alarm, and Timer with the calculator keyboard instead the two simple push-button switches known from competition.

The 5 black switches above the keyboard select the main function of the Garrett 2002:

Garrett-2002_Calc.jpg (19795 Byte)CALC:  Normal calculator function.

Garrett-2002_Alarm.jpg (19267 Byte)CLOCK:  Reads the time in hours, minutes and seconds.

Garrett-2002_Timer.jpg (17927 Byte)INT:  Counts down in hours, minutes and seconds.


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