Texas Instruments PC-200 Printer

Date of introduction:  Available: June 1984 Display technology:  
New price:   Display size:  
Size:  6.3" x 6.0" x 1.4" Printer technology:   Thermal TP-00200
Weight:  11 ounces Serial No:  20455
Batteries:  4*AA Date of manufacture:  mth 22 year 1987
AC-Adapter:  AC9201 Origin of manufacture:  USA
Precision:   Integrated circuits:  TP0456/CD4573, CD4574
Program steps:   Courtesy of:  Joerg Woerner
Download leaflet:   (US: 0.7M Bytes) Download manual:   (US: 1.1M Bytes)

The PC-200 Printer is a dot-matrix thermal printer designed for use with the TI-66 and BA-55 calculators. 

PC-200_PCB.jpg (119027 Byte)The printer operates by moving an electronic print-head across a special heat-sensitive paper. Characters are formed on the paper from small dots produced by heated elements on the print-head. The two microcomputers of the TP0456 series inside the PC-200 are known from the TI-55 II calculator.


Prints up to 16 characters per line at 2.2 lines per second
Prints the contents of the calculators display at any time
Lists the contents of program or data memory on command
In trace mode each step is recorded


The PC-200 is featured in the Texas Instruments Incorporated leaflet CL-199M dated 1983 and in the Texas Instruments Incorporated bulletin CL-837E dated 1985.


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