Texas Instruments BA II PLUS Professional

Date of introduction:  Jan.7, 2004 
 Available: August 2004
Display technology:  LCD dot matrix
New price:  $54.99 (SRP 2008) Display size:  10 (7+2)
Size:  6.1" x 3.3" x 0.6"
 154 x 84 x 15 mm³
Weight:  5.7 ounces, 162 grams Serial No:  2016012180
Batteries:  CR2025 (60µA) Date of manufacture:  mth 05 year 2004
AC-Adapter:   Origin of manufacture:  China (S)
Precision:  13 Integrated circuits:  
Memories:  10    
Program steps:   Courtesy of:  Joerg Woerner

BAII_PlusProf_P1.jpg (325028 Byte)The BA II PLUS Professional was announced together with a new line of graphing and symbolic calculators including the TI-84 Plus, the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition, and the TI-89 Titanium early in 2004. 

It is the improved successor of the powerful BA II PLUS introduced in the year 1991 and 9 years later combined with the sleek housing of the two-line scientific calculators like the TI-30X IIS.

The BA II PLUS Professional looks and feels much better than similar handheld calculators introduced in the 21st century. Dismantling the Advanced Business Analyst reveals a complete new approach of designing calculators and brings a lot of memories to the SR-50 introduced 30 years earlier back. Please enjoy the following pictures and don't forget: 
This calculator was assembled in China.

The display of the BA II PLUS Professional combines both perfect contrast and high readability. BAII_PlusProf_5.jpg (87057 Byte)
The keyplate of the calculator makes use of a thick aluminum plate with a brushed surface. One row of the keys is surrounded by a partly polished surface giving a silver surface. Remember the upper row of the SR-50 keyboard. BAII_PlusProf_1.jpg (86567 Byte)
The caps of the keys are injection molded and sport a printed legend instead the double-shot molding found with the elder Texas Instruments keyboards. BAII_PlusProf_2.jpg (64340 Byte)
The backside of the calculator with a sliding battery cover, 4 rubber pads hiding the screws of the two-shell housing and a small hole for a Reset pin.  BAII_PlusProf_3.jpg (56175 Byte)
The BA II PLUS Professional looks not only valuable, it feels so. One of the reasons are two small metal plates to increase the calculators weight. BAII_PlusProf_4.jpg (55436 Byte)
The keyboard of the calculator makes once again use of the snap-action discs invented with the famous Klixon™ keyboard.  BAII_PlusProf_PCB1.jpg (117043 Byte)
The printed circuit board (PCB) of the "Advanced Business Analyst" makes use of a single-chip calculator circuit manufactured by an unknown manufacturer. 
Running Mike Sebastian's "Calculator forensics"  gives a result of 8.999999993942 outperforming the original BA II PLUS with 8.999999883164.
BAII_PlusProf_PCB.jpg (69610 Byte)


From the TI's advertisement:

The best-selling financial calculator from Texas Instruments just got better! The BA II PLUS PROFESSIONAL features even more time-saving calculations to make short work of complex equations. It's ideal for finance, accounting, economics, investment, statistics, and other business classes, as well as on the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) exam.

Key features:
Net Future Value (NFV)
Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR)
Modified Duration
Discount Payback

The design of the BA II PLUS Professional is unique within TI's calculator line but fits with the all new TI-36X SOLAR introduced in May 2004. Despite the introduction of this powerful financial calculator Texas Instruments continued the original calculator, don't miss the restyled version of the BA II PLUS.

Ten years after its introduction received the TI BA II PLUS Professional a dramatic redesign.

Stokes Publishing Company, Inc. based in Sunnyvale, California sold a companion for the teacher, view the colorful BA II PLUS Professional.


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