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The TI-58 and TI-59 calculators introduced a novelty, the Solid State Software Modules™ with up to 5000 program steps. The Master Library, known as "Module -1-", with 25 different programs was included with the TI-58, TI-58C, and TI-59. Twelve additional Solid State Software Modules™, known as "Module -2- to -13-" were available from Texas Instruments as Standard Modules.

In November 1977 Texas Instruments introduced PPX-59 (Professional Program Exchange TI-59), a service for TI-59 users in the U.S., Canada and Mexico to gather, compile and redistribute programs for the calculator, by merging it with the previous PPX-52 newsletter for SR-52 users.

All PPX-59 Newsletters are available for free download as a service provided by the Datamath Calculator Museum.

Find here an excerpt from the Specialty Pakette Programming Aids dated 1978:


Since the early days of handheld programmable calculators, Texas Instruments (TI) has been deeply involved in supplying not only calculators with exceptional power but also programs (software) to match. Many experts were put to work within their special fields of endeavor to design quality Software Libraries for TI calculator users. Among the Libraries produced by TI for the TI-59 are:


• Statistics
• Real Estate and Investment
• Surveying
• Navigation
• Farming
• Math/Utilities
• Aviation
• Leisure
• Business Decisions
• Securities Analysis
• Electrical Engineering
• RPN Simulator

Fully recognizing TI-59 users may require programs other than those included in TI-59 Libraries, a second program source was developed. This source, the Professional program exchange, gathers, compiles and redistributes programs written by TI-59 users who defined their own specific program needs and filled these needs by writing programs. These programs, now in Pakettes, add a new dimension to the software made available to TI-59 user. Combining some of the best TI originated programs with the most popular programs found in the Professional Program Exchange, Program Pakettes offer a true software value.
Current TI Pakette offerings include:
• Securities
• Statistical Testing
• Civil Engineering
• Electronic Engineering
• Blackbody
• Oil/Gas/Energy
• Printer Utility
• Astrology
• Programming Aids
• 59 Fun
• 3-D Graphics
• Fluid Dynamics
• Mathematics
• Lab Chemistry
• Production Planning
• Marketing/Sales
• Quality Assurance I (Sampling Plan)
• Quality Assurance II (Control Charts)

© Texas Instruments Incorporated, 1978-1981

The Professional Program Exchange PPX-59™ is featured in the Texas Instruments Incorporated bulletin PPX-59 dated 1979.


Description / Application

Price Manual
59 Fun tbd
(US: 16.8 MByte)
Astrology tbd
(US: 13.2 MByte)
Blackbody Radiation tbd
(US: 2.4 MByte)
Electronic Engineering tbd
(US: 4.4 MByte)
Fluid Dynamics tbd
(US: 3.2 MByte)
Marketing/Sales tbd
(US: 13.8 MByte)
Oil/Gas/Energy tbd
(US: 11.5 MByte)
Printer Utility tbd
(US: 17.4 MByte)
Quality Insurance I (Production/Planning) tbd
(US: 12.0 MByte)
Programming Aids tbd
(US: 17.0 MByte)
Sampling Plan tbd
(US: 20.2 MByte)
Securities tbd
(US: 15.4 MByte)

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