Texas Instruments TI-82 ViewScreen™

Date of introduction:  1994 Display technology:  LCD dot matrix
New price:  ($120.00 in 2001) Display size:  8 * 16 characters
Size:  6.8" x 3.1" x 0.85"
 172 x 80 x 32 mm3
Weight:  6.7 ounces, 190 grams Serial No:  VS 272016
Batteries:  4*AAA + CR1620 Date of manufacture:  mth 01 year 1995 (Q)
AC-Adapter:   Origin of manufacture:  Taiwan (I)
Precision:  14 Integrated circuits:  CPU: Toshiba T84C00
 ASIC: Toshiba TC14L010
 ROM: LH531©1994
 RAM: SRM20256
 Display: Toshiba T6A04
Program steps:  27k Bytes Courtesy of:  Hans Bloemen

TI-82VSC_I0195_Back.jpg (213946 Byte)The TI-82 ViewScreen Calculator (VSC) is the teacher version of the standard TI-82. It connects with a special port to a ViewScreen panel via a cable. Placing the panel on the overhead projector enlarges the image of the handheld screen so that each student can follow along. Don't miss the first generation TI-81 VSC permanently connected to a much smaller Panel.

Four ViewScreen panels were available in 2008:

Panel 1: TI-73 VSC, TI-73 Explorer VSC, TI-80 VSC, TI-82 VSC, TI-83 VSC,
   TI-83 Plus VSC, TI-83 Plus Silver Edition VSC, TI-84 Plus VSC,
   TI-84 Plus Silver Edition VSC
Panel 2: TI-89 VSC, TI-89 Titanium VSC, TI-92, TI-92 Plus, Voyage 200
Panel 3: TI-85 VSC (2nd design), TI-86 VSC
Panel 4: TI-Nspire, TI-Nspire CAS, TI-Nspire Touchpad, TI-Nspire CAS Touchpad

As an alternative the TI-Presenter video adapter connects to a TV or other projection device with a video input port. 

TI-82VSC_I0195_PCB.jpg (382452 Byte)TI-82VSC_I0195_Back2.jpg (262660 Byte)From a technical point of view the TI-82 VSC is almost identical with the students TI-82. The main difference you notice is a two piece bottom shell of the calculator housing to accommodate the ViewScreen electronics.

TI-82VSC_I0195_IF.jpg (410799 Byte)Dismantling the featured TI-82 VSC manufactured in January 1995 by Inventec Corporation in Taiwan reveals a small printed circuit board (PCB) with two driver chips connected in a piggy back manner to the display board of the calculator.

TI-82VSC_I0195_PCBM.jpg (238721 Byte)The main electronics of the TI-82 VSC is identical with the students model TI-82. We located on the PCB a Z80 compatible Toshiba T84C00 CPU, a Toshiba TC14L010 ASIC (1.0 micron C-MOS gate array with 1,000 usable gates) for the glue logic, a Sharp LH531©1994 (ROM-Version 18.0) with 64k Bytes capacity and a Suwa Seikosha SRM20256 RAM with 32k Byte capacity for both user programs and user data. Learn more about the Hardware Architecture of TI’s Graphing Calculators.

TI-82VSC_I0195_PCBD.jpg (127837 Byte)The driver circuit of the LC-Display is just one bare Toshiba T6A04 chip mounted on a flexible piece of circuit board attached between the display and the main PCB.


TI-82VSC_I0195_OS.jpg (45675 Byte)3*


You can check the ROM version of your TI-82 VSC using the following key sequence and reading the number on your screen:


Information provided by and Xavier Andréani.

Exam acceptance:

The TI-82 VSC is permitted (as of September 27, 2007) for use on SAT, ACT, PSAT and AP exams.


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