Canon card F-32

Date of introduction:  August 1980 Display technology:  LCD
New price:   Display size:  8
Size:  5.0" x 2.8" x 0.35"
 127 x 70 x 9 mm3
Weight:  2.4 ounces, 68 grams Serial No:  363308
Batteries:  2*LR44 Date of manufacture:  year 1980
AC-Adapter:   Origin of manufacture:  Japan
Precision:  8 Integrated circuits:  NEC uPD1831G
Memories:  1    
Program steps:   Courtesy of:  Joerg Woerner

This Canon card F-32 Mathematic Calculator introduced in 1980 features some rather unusual keys:

[ON] in addition to a mechanical ON/OFF Switch

What makes the F-32 really unique is the [DS] key which allows to select the setting of the entry mode:

[DS][F] Indicator (--) Floating decimal with manual insertion of the decimal using the [.] key
[DS][+] Indicator (AM) Add mode with the decimal automatically put in the dollars and cents position (0.00)
[DS][0]..[4] Indicator (0)..(4) Fixed decimal display with zero to four digits behind the decimal point (x.)..(x.yyyy)

We recognize this functionality from so-called Checkbook Calculators, compare with the National Semiconductor NS103A Data Checker.

Dismantling the Canon card F-32 reveals consequently a design centered around a NEC uPD1831G single-chip calculator circuit, a single memory variant of the uPD1833G found in most Checkbook calculators developed in the 80s.

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