Texas Instruments TI-58 Marine Navigation

Date of introduction:  1979 Display technology:  LED-stick
New price:  DM 550.00 Display size:  10 (8 + 2)
Size:  6.4" x 3.2" x 1.5"
 162 x 81 x 37 mm3
Weight:  8.5 ounces, 240 grams Serial No:  
Batteries:   Date of manufacture:  
AC-Adapter:  DC9105 Origin of manufacture:  
Precision:  13 Integrated circuits:  TMC0501E, TMC0582, TMC0583, TMC0571, 2*TMC0598
Logic:  AOS - 8 Pending Operations, 9 ()    
Memories:  0-60    
Program steps:  480-0 Courtesy of:  Peter Muckermann († April 21, 2021)

Introduced together with the legendary TI-59 these calculators introduced a novelty, the Solid State Software Modules with up to 5000 program steps. On the backside of the TI-58/59 you'll notice a small lid with a place for a module.

TI-58-Marine.jpg (311084 Byte)Instead of the Master Library found in the standard TI-58 calculator this rare Marine Navigation version uses a specialized module with navigation related programs. The calculator was mounted in a expensive wooden box and equipped with a DC-converter for usage on a boat.

The Marine Navigation calculator was sold by Texas Instruments.
Bobby Schenk developed already in the year 1977 with the NAVI 2000 the first navigation computer based on the TI-58.  Don't miss the USMC HARRIER calculator developed by McDonnell Douglas Aircraft company.


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